What is your view of the Craig/Moffat County economy?

It is in a stable growth pattern and will continue to be so in the future 38 votes


We are in a boom, but there will be a bust 81 votes


It depends on how the city and county improve the infrastructure 62 votes


181 total votes


taxslave 9 years, 1 month ago

The fourth choice should read, "The Financial Stability of Central Banks is not good...there is not enough "credit" available to do furture projects and if there is "credit" available, the cost to the taxpayer will be much higher from the higher interest rates which will untimately lead to higher taxes.

States across the nation are laying off gov. employees, police / fire personnel school teachers and programs. Federal employees should pay attention (if we have any). Colorado took a serious hit in the sub-prime leading practices.

I'm willing to bet we have sub-prime mortgages here in town.


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