What are your thoughts on The Memorial Hospital going to the voters to fund a new hospital in the November general election?

The area needs a new hospital, and I will vote yes. 89 votes


The $42 million price tag is too much. If it were lower, I might vote yes. 43 votes


The hospital we have is good enough. There is no need to build a new one. 72 votes


Undecided. 14 votes


218 total votes


btyjo77 9 years, 7 months ago

I have to say...I've done my research and agree that we do need a new hospital. I am not sure 45 million is a mid range or high number but ... do your research before you choose not to vote on this matter please. Take Natives advice, arrange a tour of our run down facility... take into consideration your own health or the health care of your family....


jdsd00 9 years, 7 months ago

The employee's of the hospital do a great job. I have been in and out of there for various reasons and have always been treated great. The employee's deserve the best hospital money can buy. On the other hand I have to question the decisions of the management when it comes to more money out of my pocket. I don't agree with giving them the money to build it. With the prices they charge they should be able to finance their own project. Just giving them the money does not seem right. This is the equivalent of setting up a business and then handing it to someone so they can make money from day one with no work involved at all. They need to find their own loan and pay payments like everyone else. My insurance and I already pay them a lot of money. They must already know they will get money from somewhere because they have already started dirt work. I hope it will not follow the same pattern of buying up houses for expansion and then deciding on something else. I really hope we do get a new hospital but we need to put a little more responsibility with the management to be financially responsible and make it happen with out raising taxes.

Thank you, Justin Duzik


CindyLou 9 years, 7 months ago

Does "native" work for the hospital? Reading over some of the comments it seems like some of the people have a lot of information on this topic. I have had both my son and my daughter at the hospital and it was great sevice in a nice room.


CindyLou 9 years, 7 months ago

I agree with Justin too. My bill with the hospital was huge and it seems like lately the bills keep getting messed up. I was even sent to collections when my account was current. This just happened in August. If they are having trouble just sending out bills and getting payments how can management make payments on a new hospital.


Vicki Gutierrez 9 years, 7 months ago

I have done a lot of research and have been very involved in this issue. Things that happened years ago- in regards to a new hospital- were not handled in a positive, well thought out, good for the community or long term process. They have now been handled that way. The dirt moving you see going on is being paid for by a grant that will only pay for infrastructure (roads, etc) If the community is not willing to get behind this issue, and for that matter, use this hospital instead of Steamboat, the quality of hospital we have will be in direct relationship to their desires. I happen to feel that we deserve the highest quality of care available. And, I'm willing to put my money (and I'm not wealthy) where my mouth is. And, no, I do not work for the hospital.


CindyLou 9 years, 7 months ago

george and sam on the other posting sight said that the hospital is paying for the streets with both a grant and hospital funds. How much is the grant and how much is coming from the hospital? On the other posting place a comenter brought up how the hospital bought houses and couldn't build the hospital. If the hospital is using their own money to build the roads and cant afford to build a hospital isn't it just as irresponsible as buying a bunch of houses? The hospital is telling us they are doing a better job this time than the other people did, but if they are building a bunch of roads with their own money isn't it just as irresponsible?


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