Do you think Gov. Bill Ritter is doing a good job so far?

Yes 73 votes


No 102 votes


Undecided 25 votes


200 total votes


trout2k 9 years, 6 months ago

Ritter rules! When is enough enough? Soon there will be nothing left in the name of greed and self preservation, we will dig our own graves. Is nothing sacred? The commisioners will not be getting my vote in the coming election. Why would most of the people in this town be for Ritter? Ritter is a conservationist (not a rapist of the earth or a tree hugger) and his wife is pro mental health....not too many people in craig with those interests. We need to be careful what we wish for...because we just might get it. What will we do when the oil and gas is gone? How about our mental health system? If we are not careful, the oil and gas will be gone and we will be left with the remnants of methamphetamine abuse and abusers who could not make the move to the next oil and gas "hot spot"(with no mental health system to address it).


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