Do you believe the Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Reform will make recommendations that lead to an improved state's system?

Yes 11 votes


No 74 votes


Undecided 12 votes


97 total votes


DrColes 9 years, 5 months ago

The government caused the problem with health care in America by over socializing medicine to the extent it is not completive, and we want to exacerbate the problem? Kids have health care. The needy already have health care. The U.S. is not a socialist state ( see ). No one is entitled to be given a house, car, food or health care, etc. If we want these things, we have to earn them. The government does not earn money. Perhaps some of us should take a civics class and learn about America. We all have to labor for what we want. For those who need help there are the charities and state programs. We need to fix the health care issue but we cannot fix it unless we know how it is broken. For the answer, please see


mtn_mini 9 years, 5 months ago

Americans have come to expect the government to pay for anything that is deemed "necessary," whether or not it really is.

Millions of people throughout the world live with much less healthcare than Americans consider minimal. It is a fact of life.

Maybe we Americans need to quit whining about every little ache and just get on with real life.


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