How serious of a problem is underage drinking in Craig?

It is a major problem, one that we need to address 153 votes


It is an uncontrollable problem, one that little can be done about 20 votes


The problem is no different than similar cities and sizes 61 votes


There is more hype about underage drinking than there is actual underage drinking 29 votes


263 total votes


grannyrett 9 years, 5 months ago

What do you do when more than one answer applies? Yes, it is a problem. It has always been a problem. As long as there is an age limit on drinking, it will be a problem. That doesn't mean we should stick our head in the sand and hope it will stop, but I sure don't know what can be done. As long as someone overage will buy it, there will be someone underage who will drink it. There are always those who think that the rules apply to everyone else but them. What is sad is that some parents will buy it for their kids, and have keggers at their own home. What can be done? I wish I knew. It is a horrible waste to lose precious lives because someone will drink and drive. It effects so many people. Do you outlaw liquor stores, and only allow sales in bars? Not going to happen. I just wish it wasn't such a rite of passage.


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