Should the oil and gas industry be allowed to develop in the Vermillion Basin?

Yes 341 votes


No 284 votes


Depends on the level of disturbance to the area 43 votes


668 total votes


kalone 9 years, 9 months ago

i think it's weird that everyone is so sure of what to do without knowing the level of disturbance to the area. in Alaska, there have apparently been no harm to the local animal populations or wildlife after the pipeline was built. Of course, business will not rebuild the area well enough without proper oversight.


trout2k 9 years, 9 months ago

The commisioners are sadly mistaken if they believe they represent the majority when spouting proaganda that's chastising our governor and falsely representing the people of moffat county as a whole. The "Good 'Ol Boy" system needs to get outta craig. Not everyone sees the benefit in raping the earth for a few drops of oil. Stay out of vermillion basin. There are other resources in the basin...wilderness, some of the biggest elk in the world, cottontail rabbits, sage grouse, chukar, juniper, and pinon. What the commisioners are callling progress, many would call the rape of our mother earth


raganess 9 years, 9 months ago

I'm against any oil developement in the Vermillion Basin. Once it is destroyed no amount of reclaimation will bring it back. They will destroy my family homestead area in the name of progress. Once it is gone you can't bring it back. The comissioners need to remember that that area is a park and sanctuary for a reason. The dollar seems to be the only thing they see. What is there should be left alone as a connection to where we came from. What's next The Dinosaur Monument ? I have family history there too. No amount of money or progress is worth this destruction, and they will destroy the basin.


Cypher1 9 years, 9 months ago

As with many other special areas in our state, I don't understand the rush to drill when there are thousands of already leased acres which are much less controversial and haven't even been touched. An article in the last Sunday's Denver Post stated that the Rockies were "overdeveloped" which is why they are building more pipelines to the midwest where market prices for gas are higher. This, by the way, would also increase our prices. I can't understand why the commissioners would be so gung ho for trashing more of the county so a few more mini mansions in Ohio can be kept warm.


jeshays 9 years, 9 months ago

If an article in the Denver Post did in fact state the Rockies are "overdeveloped". Then the Post is one of the following - 1) Uninformed 2) Misinformed 3) Intentionally misleading its readers - The fact is the "Rockies " Region - Which encompasses the general area from northern NM to Central MT (North/South) and Western CO. to Eastern UT ( East to West) - is not "Overdeveloped". Had the post interviewed any number of experts on Natural Gas development in the Rockies as well any readily available information/data on the subject they would be compelled to "report" differently.

That is assuming the Post wants to provide its readers with the truth based on facts.

Regards, Jeshays


Cypher1 9 years, 9 months ago

The Post's article cited the cost of gas produced in the Rocky Mountain region as being at $3 to $4 per thousand cubic feet versus New York Mercantile prices of $6.45. This disparity has been due to lack of export capacity, and not to any particular lack of production from the region. This IS a fact. My point is is that the West has been the bastard child of the big eastern states for as long as it has been settled. If you want to trade any semblance of quality of life for one less cool place, then be my guest. I, being a lifelong westerner, am sick of seeing yet one more special place be traded for a few transient jobs and a little more money flowing through the courthouse for a while. There are MANY places that are leased by gas companies that lack many of the qualities of Vermillion, but are not being developed at all. They must believe something is under all of those leases or they would not have purchased them. In New Mexico, the local populace was recently successful in placing another great place, the Valle Vidal, off limits to drilling. The locals rejoiced and the republic remained strong. NOT drilling Vermillion will not negatively affect your life one iota. If you are a roughneck, there's plenty of work to be had. If you are a energy executive, there's plenty of production with the prospect of increasing prices. Craig continues to grow and diversify its economy on coal, the power plant, hunting, tourism, and housing for Steamboat's middle class. I just hate seeing yet another place I like to escape the world go down in flames for a drop in the energy bucket.


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