If both the school district and the hospital put a tax question on the November ballot, how would you vote?

I would vote for both 91 votes


I would vote for the school district's, but not the hospital's 51 votes


I would vote for the hospital's, but not the school district's 22 votes


I would vote for neither 120 votes


I would vote for one if the other one wasn't on the ballot, but I fear paying too much in taxes if both are passed 16 votes


300 total votes


btyjo77 9 years, 9 months ago

First off we "need" good doctors so that this community stops going to Steamboat for bandaids and cough drops. Face it, this community would rather deliever their baby in a car, between here and Steamboat, in the middle of winter than go to Craigs Memorial Hospital. I personally would have had my husband deliever my babies if Steamboat wasn't an option. We need good doctors, nurses and state of the art equipment. I not saying we 'don't' need a new hospital but I'm certainly going to hold on to my pennies to pay at the gas pump in case I need to go to Steamboat to see a good doctor. (note: their are good doctors and nurses here but they are so booked up it's nearly impossible to get in to see them). Just my thoughs.................


btyjo77 9 years, 8 months ago

Wow, are you a spoksperson for the hospital.? I never said i'd risk the lives of a child, however I'd still go to steamboat for childbirth and major surgery. That's my opinion and I'm intitled it to. However, I am pleased that we have a hospital here for the simple stuff and emergencies...(they'd probably send you out but could perhaps stabilize you). Seems outragous that we need a huge new facility...and way out of the downtown area to boot. Not to mention the wildlife population they are forcing out of that area.


kayjay 9 years, 8 months ago

I do not believe that this issue was brought up to question the doctors we have in this town. I have to agree with native. We need a facility that can keep up with the growth of our community and, unfortunately, the one we have is unable to do so. I also agree that people are so tied up with how things used to be that they no longer will give our hospital and its staff a chance. This hospital was equipped and the staff were excellent when my child had to have surgery not so very long ago. However, I realized on that day how little room our hospital has in relation to the size of our community. With the continued growth we are going to need a facility that can support that. I have also heard the wildlife debate numerous times. I agree that they need their place but I also know that there comes a time when we have to decide which is most important, the health and safety of our community or displacing deer a mile. I believe, in this issue of this debate, that we need both services being proposed. We need a hospital but we also need the school that the district is proposing. The repairs necessary to the one we already have are outrageous and it would be a benefit to our children to give them a school where maintenance does not have to interrupt classes, they don't have to roast in the spring, and they can feel as if they are important to us.


vic 9 years, 8 months ago

Steamboat doctors are not as good as some may think - I don't know all in either town, but from my experience, I would prefer the Craig doctors any day. Steamboat's hospital itself (the building) is nicer because it is new. The old one was considerably smaller and seemingly older ( to put it nicely) than TMH. People taken to Steamboat's ER are airlifted out just as they would be in Craig. I know of people that come from Steamboat for certain tests that are not available in Steamboat. I think if we had a pretty new bluilding, people would see it different. As for the wildlife - I live right downtown and so do the deer. Everyone will adapt.

Schools are always important. They are educating our future leaders. Need I say more?

This town is growing and pretty much going in the right direction with positive growth. We don't want to screw this up - hasn't anyone played Sim City? If you want a nice, productive town, you have to have taxes and your growth has to be balanced I of course could go on, but that's the nutshell version of my opinion.


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