Do you think there is a parking problem downtown?

Yes, but that's a good thing 30 votes


Yes, and I hate it 70 votes


No 64 votes


164 total votes


Barry Barnes 9 years ago

i agree native there is plenty of parking and some need to learn to park .


JLTBIII 9 years ago

I wonder how many blocks we walk when shopping at the Mesa Mall in Grand Junction?


btyjo77 9 years ago

That is right.... how much of craig is over weight?..... hummm might not hurt to walk that extra block.


Taylor 9 years ago

I actually wish parking WAS a problem - that would mean downtown is busier. I wish they would return Victory Way to a 2 way and keep 4th St as a bypass for the commercial traffic and commuters.


diggerswife 9 years ago

I walk farther across the City Market parking lot than I do downtown, even during Grand Olde West Days activities and Christmas Shopping days. We don't have a parking problem ANYWHERE in Craig.


Taylor 9 years ago

Maybe that would be a good poll for next week. And maybe we should bring that up at an upcoming City Council meeting. I can't see where it would be horribly expensive to change. It would be great for downtown business as well as the commercial traffic flow. It would create a nice small town ambience for the downtown area. Talk about "beautifying Craig"...that would be a step in the right direction.


als362 9 years ago

I think it is not the walking that is wrong, no one minds a little walking, it is the parallel parking. It is hard to get in and out of a spot, and you risk a much greater chance of dinging a fender than when angle parking. Not only that if the parking on Yampa Ave. was angled, the parking capacity would about double. If people are concerned about crowding the traffic, then angle park only on one side.


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