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The bear and the bold

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Craig resident Richard Kendall, 56, stands Wednesday with the skull of a 703-pound male black bear he shot Nov. 20 in the Wilson Creek area of Moffat County. Kendall said the bear could be a state record. He said his skull measured 22 and 5/8 inches, while the current state record measures 22 and 9/16 inches.

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Craig resident nabs 703-pound bear, possible state record

Richard Kendall got on the ground. It was a cold November morning, but the 56-year-old Craig resident didn’t pay much attention to the frozen earth and snow under his body. What consumed his thoughts was the monstrosity resting in the cave ahead of him.


tselan 5 years, 9 months ago

cool, good job. dont let all the crazies get you down.


misterwhiskers 5 years, 9 months ago

Ok, you used a gun and shot a sleeping bear. You stallion... did you also go house cat hunting that day and stop by the middle school on your way home to beat up on some school girls?

Now lets see you go bare knuckles and crawl in a cave with a mountain lion....

I am sure you could take on a den of 2 or 3 at once.

They don't need to change hunting regulations....just take this doof's guns away.


misterwhiskers 5 years, 9 months ago

Ranger.... i would suggest a place for your guns, but it is apparent your head in already occupying that space.

Soo when you do manage to remove your head from your ---> ( | ) ... read my post again.

I am not implying take everyone's guns away.... I am implying you have minimal intestinal fortitude and lack the true qualities of a man. I think if you are tough enough to kill a sleeping animal in its home... then i think you should be tough enough for a public coward!


onewhocares 5 years, 9 months ago

Ranger520, did you know that Hitler studied how the American government committed genocide against the original inhabitants of this country by not only taking away their rights, but making them less than human to justify genocide of the entire race that had lived here for thousands of years? Yep, you heard me. Hitler learned from us and our treatment of the true Americans so don't even mention Americans and honor or courage in the same sentence. It is beyond repulsive to hear such ignorance.

As for the bear, how was there one ounce of honor killing that bear in its den? Does that mean, there is honor in a man breaking into your home while you're sleeping at night and killing you, because it makes him feel good somehow? If not why? What makes you any more special or important to this earth, than that bear? Just curious.


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