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Communities at Work: Apprenticeship turns into taxidermy career

Many people grow up wanting to be a professional baseball player, astronaut, fireman or something along those lines. Not everyone realizes those dreams in adulthood. Scott Moore, the owner of Mountain Man Taxidermy, did. Moore said he was eight years old when he knew - for sure - what he wanted to do. His mom brought home a buck she shot, and he wanted to keep the horns. She took him to the taxidermist, and he was blown away. Scott shot his first buck when he was 15 and asked a taxidermist if he would teach him the trade in exchange for some help around the shop. His apprenticeship turned into a career, and he took over Mountain Man Taxidermy when his predecessor retired in 1998. Moore said he's one of the most shop-experienced professional taxidermists in the area and that he aims to always produce a mounted trophy within a year of the request. For more information on Mountain Man Taxidermy, call 824-4910, or visit the shop at 1176 Yampa Ave.

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Scott Moore, owner of Mountain Man Taxidermy, carefully places antelope horns in position after applying a glue-like mixture to secure them to the bone. Pronghorns have skin underneath the horn that must be cleaned before final positioning. Photo by Shawn McHugh

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Moore slides a bobcat skin onto its frame for fitting Thursday afternoon at his shop, Mountain Man Taxidermy, located at 1176 Yampa Ave. The frames are made from expandable foam put into molds, and then tailored to fit each individual animal. Photo by Shawn McHugh

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Moore skins a buck at AGP meat processing company Thursday afternoon. The two businesses share the same building, and Moore lends a hand to his neighbors when he has the time. Photo by Shawn McHugh

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Moore takes a thorough look over a bobcat trophy being fitted for its frame. Moore mounts nearly every species of big game animal found in northern Colorado. Photo by Shawn McHugh

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Moore scrapes remaining tissue off the skull of buck at his shop, Mountain Man Taxidermy. Moore has been a practicing taxidermist for 17 years. Photo by Shawn McHugh


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