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Craig resident Patti Mosbey gets up close and personal with Bears Ears. This unique view takes the community to the base of Moffat County's prized peaks. The northwest ear is 10,577 feet elevation, and the east ear is 10,497 feet elevation, according to


David Moore 3 years, 7 months ago

OK, I'll play:

  1. -Bears Ears peaks are actually located in Routt County, not Moffat. While we can easily SEE them from here, they are not located in Moffat county.
  2. This photo is quite a ways away from the actual "base". The base of the NW ear is accessible by vehicle
  3. It should actually read "Northwest ear and Southeast ear"?

What do I win?? All fun aside, a great picture of the peaks, they are spectacular in the fall and the view over the valley from the pull-off about a mile from the base parking lot is unmatched. Must be able to see for a hundred miles on a clear day.


Neal Harkner 3 years, 7 months ago

You nailed it. They're in Routt County. Wish I had something for ya, but you'll have to settle for the thrill of victory.


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