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Mary Jo Brown: Spring is nourishment for the soul

April is the month for Easter and is usually full of dazzling sunshine, greening of lawns and flowers blooming. All of those might be reasons that spirits soar and we continue our growth gracefully, joyously and creatively as we learn about ourselves and the beauty within us.

Mary Jo Brown: Styles for all seasons

With the changing weather we have been experiencing, it is hard to decide what to wear since a person doesn’t know if its going to rain, snow, be windy or sunny. I realize that I don’t really need as much to get ready for the day as I used to. Makeup, jewelry and fancy clothes are not a necessity for me now; it’s more of a matter of attitude.

Senior Spotlight: Dressing to impress

As a person gets older, they can see the way society dresses has changed, especially in the way people no longer dress up to go to town. It used to be the norm for a person to make sure they had the proper clean attire on before they left the house to go to town.

Mary Jo Brown: Love who you are

I believe everyone has at one time or another gathered a collection of what I call my special things. Those odds and ends that you hang on to because of the memories they hold. The things I have are varied and are scattered in various places like in my dresser, jewelry box, closet and so on. The feeling that I need to sort through my possessions has resulted in finding items I have gotten from friends, relatives and souvenirs from trips. It is simply a collection of items that give me a sense of pleasure and takes away, for a few moments anyway, that weary or unhappy feeling.

Mary Jo Brown: Weather playing tricks on us

The weather is playing peek-a-boo with us as the sun peeks around clouds and the temperature goes up and down. A friend of mine used to say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.” The song “The Breeze and I” goes along with what the weather is doing now as the wind seems to come up regularly in the afternoons. I like the briskness of it when it starts, but it seems to get cold suddenly — or maybe it’s me, as I seem to have started to notice the changes in temperature more as I get older.

Mary Jo Brown: Colorful days

We are in what I like to call the “hump" in March. It is the time of Mari Gras and St. Patrick’s’ Day, which although not a main holiday, has its place on the calendar.

Mary Jo Brown: Marching forward

March is here, it’s springtime in the Rockies. Yes, there will be snow now and then, but in between are green sprouts peeking out at us. Crocus, daffodils and shoots of grass are trying hard to make their presence known. In the first mild days of March each minute is sweeter than before, like waking up from a long winter slumber. Thoughts turn to planting, renewing perhaps a stirring of hope and all things new and refreshed. I liken it to the turning of the earth in our inner gardens and a stirring of hope in better things to come.

Mary Jo Brown: Walking through the past

I ask myself if I made the right choices and tell myself that I need to look deeper inside for the answers. Taking a walk through the past, I reflect upon who I am now asking myself if I have out grown some of the choices I’ve made.

Mary Jo Brown: Never too old to learn

I have been watching the weather during the news, and the storms are an awesome sight to behold. This spring will be another thing altogether with this heavy snow base melting, but hopefully, there won’t be any floods.

Mary Jo Brown: Use words carefully, spread kindness

Use your words wisely, in kindness and with consideration for the person to whom you are speaking and don’t be afraid to let them know you care. Have a great Valentine’s Day and spread the kindness and goodwill it stands for.

Mary Jo Brown: We must look for goodness

February, cold, grey and wet but with some gifts in disguise. Look at the whole picture, try to look at the beauty of what you see for the gift is there, don’t take it for granted.

Senior Spotlight for Jan. 27, 2014

This morning, I was pondering the physical differences I have adapted to in the years past. I realized how, just as I can’t always see much around me because of vision problems, sometimes in our lives, we can’t or don’t want to see the problems, situation or conditions that are right in front of us.

Senior Spotlight: Enjoying sounds

When I was young the moment came when I realized how beautiful the sound of silence was. The surrounding beauty of the trees and the birds flying in a cloudless sky added to the serenity of that peaceful moment as I sat on a boulder sized rock and enjoyed the sunshine.

Mary Jo Brown: Savor good memories

I welcomed the first week of this year in with a visit to the hospital that ended up lasting four days. Upon awakening, on my first morning there, I looked out the window and saw what appeared to be a wall of white. It was a white out in progress.

Mary Jo Brown: Spread kindness

Strive to make the most of your days, live life as if each day may be your last day on earth, make those calls to those you love, spread kindness, help others and go for your dreams.

Mary Jo Brown: Writing is a gift of its own

A present came to me in a very unusual way. I had a call from a woman who wanted to know why I wrote. How is this a present you may ask, well, it caused me to think back to when I started to write and the people most responsible for it happening. The present was in the form of treasured memories of people whom had touched my life in such a positive way.

Mary Jo Brown: Bringing ‘jolly’ into Christmas

’Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, and so goes the song. What is it to “be jolly?” The mind brings up images of joyful, festive, merry or even plump and agreeable in appearance. Can I be in the jolly mood right now? I don’t think so.

Mary Jo Brown: Heartfelt holidays

The holiday season seems to be going by faster this year. Christmas is right around two corners and a lamppost. Thanksgiving Day gives me pause to think back of other gatherings and the legacy and traditions followed and of the abundance of an authentic contentment that was complete and good.

Mary Jo Brown: Live your life to the fullest

Go onward and live your life to the fullest and don’t worry about the past it is over, tomorrow is yet to come, and each day is a present use it well.

Mary Jo Brown: Colors help with moods

One thing some of us tend to take for granted is our ability to see the many colors of the world. I am particularly fond of pastel colors, however, I tend to associate different colors with different feelings. Light blue represents serenity, light green is peaceful, soft yellow is warmth and tan is a warm homey feeling.

Mary Jo Brown: Holding on to charms of life

While I was sorting through more of my papers and rough drafts of my Senior Spotlight articles, I came across an article I had written several years ag

Mary Jo Brown: Food can be such a comfort

This past week, I was having a problem with food. Usually food and I get along real well, but my stomach was not cooperating and I had to think differently about food for most of the week. Food to me represents comfort, a basic need and represents a form of security while also being a token of love.

Mary Jo Brown: Small spaces hold a lot of love

A living room can be just a room with no signs of life, happiness or joy expressed anywhere. If you add a picture, dress up the couch with a few pillows to highlight the subtle colors of the upholstery, add some pizzazz, you can make it more cozy and comfortable and it doesn’t need to be cluttered.

Mary Jo Brown: Slow down to enjoy life

The fast track tends to shackle us to that pace and standards which prevent us form leading a truly successful, happy life doing our work in our own authentic way.

Mary Jo Brown: For the people, by the people

When did it become all right to let the service men and women, the elderly, the sick and children suffer because there is a disagreement going on in the government?

Mary Jo Brown: Enjoy your own backyard

Now and then when I am watching television a program comes on about landscapes. I was fortunate enough to find one about “America the Beautiful” last week. The program began by showing a part of the plains in the Midwest then moved on to the Rocky Mountains.

Mary Jo Brown: Cold sets in fast, stay warm

October is well on its way, with the temperature going up and down and giving us surprises daily. Hopefully this type of weather will settle down soon and we can go forward with what we recognize as fall. This year has been quite an experience weather wise not only for Craig but all over the world.

Mary Jo Brown: Trips bring back memories of Dillon

While looking through things in my living room, I came across a small photo album that I had forgotten I had. Curiosity, one of the things that sometimes gets me into trouble, kicked in and I thought I would take the time to see what was in the album. To my delight, I found pictures of a trip my granddaughter Haley, daughter Jane and I had taken to Montana and Yellowstone National Park.

Mary Jo Brown: Keep your mind sharp with puzzles, reading

I enjoy watching games shows where the contestants can make a lot of money. The show that is on television while I am writing this has a contestant that won a million dollars. It has always been my thought that it would be fun to be part of a game show like Family Feud or Truth or Consequences, although with my luck I would probably end up with all the consequences. It’s the excitement of the game I like although the money wouldn’t exactly hurt my feelings either. Games that deal with words or trivia are usually my favorite types.

Mary Jo Brown: We need to choose carefully what we speak, write

We all need to listen to our words, not only what we say but the manner in which we say it. In this day and age of texting there are many misunderstandings because you can’t put sound into a text message. Often the meaning of the text is taken completely wrong and feelings are hurt. The written word although expressive often cannot get across the feeling of the situation unless you are writing a book and put in what the character is feeling or the mood in which they spoke.

Seize the moment, contact those you love

As I continued to sort through the never ending piles of papers that have accumulated over the years, I came across a paper I had received from a teacher of a class I took here at Sunset Meadows.

Senior Spotlight for Aug. 19, 2013

The start of school, football games on television and cooler nights are all indications that fall is on its way.

Cherish your loved ones, let them know they're appreciated

Don’t be afraid to let someone you care about know you are thinking of them, after all today will be tomorrow soon and for some tomorrow may never come.


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