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Patrick Germond: The miracles of being grateful

Remember being told as a child to be grateful? Your parents would say things like, “Be grateful for your food, there are people in other countries who don’t have anything to eat.” I had a problem being grateful as a child because I had everything handed to me by my parents and I bore no responsibilities. As an adult, I’ve had to take responsibility for the lives of other people, and in doing so I’ve learned a bit more about being grateful.

Patrick Germond: Dear Mr. President

I’m just an average Joe in flyover country asking for help with rising fuel costs. Please don’t be offended. This letter is not meant to be angry or invective. Nonetheless, when you took office in 2009, the country on average was spending a mere $1.84 per gallon, compared to $3.76 or more per gallon in some areas of the country today. This increase in price is a problem.

Patrick Germond: Help with the hams

“No worries, mate, no worries. Give your Sheila a kiss for me. Sydney, Australia clear.” “Copy that, Sydney. Take care and I’ll talk to you later. This is Kilo Delta Zero Juliet Alfa India out, and the frequency is clear.” What you just read was part of a short wave (ham radio) conversation I had with a fellow from down under last October.

Patrick Germond: Happiness found in small things

One of my favorite things in life is spending time with my family. Whether we’re riding bikes or playing softball at Woodbury Park, we’re making memories and having fun. In my youth, I chased wealth and pleasure more often than not, stepping completely over happiness. As funny as it sounds, I wanted to be rich and famous, like a rock star.

Patrick Germond: Law contrary to Christian doctrine

An upsetting and disconcerting situation has arisen in our country. Many people, including myself, believe our government has adopted a number of anti-Christian policies that purposely undermine religious liberties and freedom. The latest example is the federal government, through ObamaCare, forcing Christian entities to provide insurance coverage for contraception and chemical abortion (plan B) for employees.

Patrick Germond: If tomorrow doesn’t come

A growing population of Americans believes our country may succumb to any number of possible disasters, either man-made or natural. This sense of impending doom has created a new cultural phenomenon of people called “preppers.” I’d like to give some attention to some aspects of preparation that are often overlooked. Preppers store food, fuel, clothing, medicine and whatever else they may need in life in case the modern-day grid was to disappear.

Patrick Germond: Improvement begins at home

Last year, the Moffat County School District struggled mightily on standardized tests. While the school board, teachers, and administrators work through issues they believe could improve our school system, I’d like to recommend an approach outside the system. Specifically, I’d like to address what parents can do to make certain their children succeed. The blame game will surely go on, and the system may or may not change. But, the game and the excuses, including the justifiable reasons, aren’t going to matter much to your child when they realize they’ve failed to receive a decent education.

Patrick Germond: The Greatest Generation

As I was driving to the Veterans Administration hospital in Grand Junction last week, I thought about memories I’ve had making this trip in the Moffat County veterans van. The van is part of a program that provides free rides to veterans who need to go to the VA. Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4265 bought the van, Moffat County funds the gas and upkeep, and a grant from tobacco taxes pays for drivers. Sites from the drive brought me to a moment of reverie and reminiscing. There’s the big blue gate on the left side a few miles down Rio Blanco Hill that Richard Maxson, one of the drivers of the VA van, used to always point out as the halfway point between Craig and Grand Junction.


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