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Local law officials give road safety tips

The law states that pedestrians are supposed to walk against traffic and bicyclists are supposed to ride with traffic, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation. Yet does this happen? Craig Police Chief Walt Vanatta said that he’ll often see kids that are walking on the wrong side of the road or are riding their bikes through stop signs, paying no attention to the law and ultimately putting themselves and others in danger.

Police beat: A summary report of Craig Police Department activity for April 2012

Below is my report to the Craig City Council on police department activity for April.

Police chief reprimanded for misplacing firearm

Craig Police Chief Walt Vanatta received a letter of reprimand last week from the Craig Police Department after leaving his department-issued weapon inside a bathroom in the Moffat County Public Safety Center. “It was absolutely unintentional, but it is what it is,” Vanatta said of the incident, which occurred Jan. 30.


jalana 5 years, 2 months ago

Before we "jump the gun" or get all up in "arms"...lets think about this.

First of all it's not like the guys/gals in the jail are "real criminals" after all everyone knows that that they were either framed or at the right place at the wrong time.The "real criminals" still walk amongst us.We have all made "mistakes" right? I mean I drive drunk occasionally,when I am in a hurry on my way to see my probation officer.Who hasn't stolen a car or two?Or beat their wife when she really needed it?

The people in the jail are just like you and me.They all come from good families.They all know right from wrong.After all the jailbirdy did give the gun back did he not?Personally I think they should all be given weapons.What if a real criminal gets through how are these innocents to protect themselves? Take Jarod Bays why his mother did an exemplary job raising her two is in caps and has several children he can not support..the other stole a car and got into a small scrap at the jail big deal....we all do this stuff.But then again we live in a nice little safe community why we have never had a man kill his wife and cut her into pieces and bury her on his we have wonderful law abiding families like the Poglines to be proud of...we have never had a cop beat his wife or one who was having an affair with a girl in his custody.

I am sure the city or the county can hire someone in Denver to do a study on how to best prevent this from happening again.It will probably cost less than $50,000 and who knows may save a life.What they should do in the meantime is have some nice posters made up and post them in the bathrooms at the jail.Like a check list sort of thing..they can hang it next to the employees must wash hands before returning to work posters. It could read... 1.tuck shirt in sure and zip your pants 3.check to make sure you flushed 4.see that your hair is combed neatly 5. be careful to not leave your loaded sidearm on the sink you @#@%^# idiot

That should keep any unfortunate "accidents" from happening in the meantime until the study can be finished.


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