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The boys celebrate their "victory" after smearing the girls with shaving cream. The girls duct-taped the boys' shoes in the morning, so the boys retaliated with shaving cream.

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Tease photo

Cross-country runners go to camp

Members of the 2007 Moffat County High School cross-country team spent this week in Grand Lake for a team cross country camp.


Lola 9 years, 8 months ago

To whom it may concern: The caption below this picture (shaving creame) was incorrectly written. Seeing as how David Pressgrove was biased against the girls cross counrty team in the caption, I will set the record straight. It is true that the girls cross country team duct taped some of the guys shoes together, but what David Pressgrove failed to mention is that he and Todd Trapp un-did the prank before to boys awoke. In retaliation to the un-doing of the prank the girls put something unpleasent in David and Trapp's bags. Yet instead of fighting their own battle David and Trapp inlisted the aid of the boys cross country team to get back at the girls. We feel it is appropriate for an apology to be written and the record set straight.


cheesewhiz 9 years, 8 months ago

"Lola" is absolutely right! The girls prank was pretty much harmless and was funny. Duct tape is not easy to get off the roll without waking the boys at 4 in the morning. Just remember... the girls struck first and were willing to accept the "retaliation". David should retake the photo and have the girls holding up one finger to show that they are the best and had the best prank and were the first to strike. David and Trapp should buy all the girls ice cream and give them a heartfelt apology. I hope to meet "Lola" in person one day and until then.... YOU ROCK!!! keep being an outstanding citizen and sticking up for the TRUTH!!!


Lola 9 years, 8 months ago

I fully appreciate your comment "cheesewhiz". This story needs to be told and I do agree with the idea of ice cream and an apology. It is good to know that ohter citizens want the truth reported in our newspapers. Thank you again for the support!


Regina_Flangie 9 years, 8 months ago

Supporting the comment posted by Lola... The piece concerning the cross country camp pranks was incorrectly presented. It has come to my attention that the girls were robbed of a victory by various male coaches. Through intensive investigation i have discovered the truth... early, 4 am to be exact, on friday, july 20th the girls xc team pulled a harmless prank that involved the duct taping of doors and shoes. Yet this prank was foiled by the male coaches who demolished this prank before the boys awoke. When the girls discovered that the male coaches intervened in their prank they conspired to retaliate(placing "presents" in the the male coaches bags.) Instead of maturely handling this incident, they enlisted the boys cross country team to do the dirty work...resulting in the shaving cream attacks. As you can clearly see the girls were not at fault and won the war. I hope from this letter you will learn the truth so that justice can be rightfully served.


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