Judith Sheehan

1943 - December 17, 2010

Judi Sheehan was born Aug. 16, 1943, in Denver. 
She was the daughter of Jim and Irma Logan, who were employed by Ben Roberts of central Wyoming, where Jim worked as a ranch hand and Irma the ranch cook. 
Judi loved to tell people that her first home upon arrival from Denver was a sheep wagon for about the first two weeks of her life. Judi traveled with her parents around central Wyoming for her first five years to various ranch jobs and a power line construction job at Alcova that was scheduled to end in the fall of 1948.
In late 1948, Judi moved once again with her parents to Muddy Gap, where Jim had started a new job with the Wyoming Highway Department.
Judi resumed her schooling with the famous winter of 1949 looming. Her biggest memory of that winter was riding in the snow plow with her parents to Rawlins to get groceries, as that was the only vehicle to make the trip.
She attended school in Muddy Gap (in a one-room schoolhouse that still stands) and was one of the last students of Ruth Beebee (a renowned author and Wyoming historian) and continued in Lamont, where she remained until eighth grade.
Judi graduated from eighth grade in the spring of 1957 and began high school in Rawlins that fall. She stayed with various host families during the school week and would come home to Lamont on the weekends.
She graduated from Rawlins High School with the class of 1961. Judi married William L. Hinkle that following year and they made their home in Bairoil, where she lived for the next 15 years. 
It was in Bairoil that she acquired many lifelong friends, became an avid bridge player, and began her role as a mother to Jimmy and Anna Lisa Hinkle.
After the passing of her first husband in 1975, she met and married Patrick Robert Sheehan, of Baggs, on July 23, 1977. She was very excited to begin her new life in the Little Snake River Valley, where her father had been raised and where she had many cousins and a new 5-year-old son.
In the later years, that son gave her one of her many proud moments as a mother, when Lynn won the National High School All-Around Cowboy title in 1991. Judi continued to raise and care for her family for the next 33 years.
Once her children were grown and married, she devoted all her attention to her three grandchildren. She also began babysitting for various working mothers in the valley and quickly became a surrogate grandmother to all of them. She proudly loved to brag about how bright and athletic all her grandkids were. Quoting, with smiles almost daily, what one of them had said or done.
She was extremely fond of her surrogate Stanley and Wille grandchildren, which renewed her love of the Rattler athletic teams, especially basketball.
She enjoyed supporting and traveling to all the away games and became a familiar face on the sidelines, until her illness prevented it in the last three months.
However, she still stayed caught up with the teams’ progress through phone calls and conversations.
Judi was very involved with both the ranching and trucking businesses that she and Pat worked side-by-side to establish. She was a wonderful cook and prepared thousands of meals for not only family, but friends and the community alike.
She would gladly trade recipes with her many friends when asked, but she seemed to cleverly forget some small ingredient so that her friends’ cooking wasn’t quite as good as hers.
She continued her lifelong love of reading and each month added new books to her “library,” as she called it, where she had over 1,000 books in her collection. She remained a diligent and loyal bridge player, and enjoyed many games in Bairoil, Rawlins and the Snake River Valley.
She also was a very active member of the Carbon County Cove board and library board, where she served for many years. In her later years, she looked forward to traveling with Pat, family and friends on weekend outings all over the states of Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona and Utah.
She participated in many Rawlins National Bank Heritage Club mystery trips and took cruises in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Judi worked several jobs, which included school librarian, clerk at the Little Snake River Mercantile and as a receptionist at the Noyes Health Clinic, all in Baggs. Her main career, however, was proudly being a housewife taking care of her home and family. She always enjoyed the many remodeling and renovation jobs that seemed to take a lifetime for her family to fulfill.
Judi cherished her family. She spoke, the last few months, of the importance of family and was never so thankful and blessed to have the full support of her large family and friends there for her.  Her son, Lynn, was able to stay home and take care of family business and still find time to be at the hospital during the critical moments.
Her brother, Gene, and sister-in-law, Tammie Logan, came every weekend, and sometimes a full week, to be with her in the hospital.
Her son, Jimmy, was a stern coach during rehabilitation and gave her the best back rubs ever.
Her sister-in-law, friend and traveling companion, Linda Fleming, was always able to be with her in the hospital during the week when Pat had to come home.
Judi was ever so thankful for her daughter, Anna Lisa, and granddaughter, Jena, and the opportunity it provided to have three generations of women spend quality time together, sometimes arguing, mostly loving, but all the time caring for each other. This three-generation relationship brought about a peaceful fulfillment for Judi.
She mentioned many times the joy it brought her to have Jena helping her with various jobs and responsibilities. Jena became her right hand, and Anna Lisa her left, both being there for her at home on a day-to-day basis until her passing.
Judi died Dec. 17, 2010, after a 12-year battle with diabetes and, more recently, heart disease.
She was preceded in death by her first husband, William L. Hinkle, and parents Jim and Irma Logan.
She is survived by her best friend and husband, Patrick R. Sheehan, of Baggs, Wyo.; brother James (Tammie) Logan, of Rawlins, Wyo.; sons Jimmy (Terri) Hinkle, of Saratoga, Wyo.; daughter Anna Lisa (Mark) Orchard, of Baggs, Wyo.; son Lynn (Shantel) Sheehan, of Dixon, Wyo.; grandchildren Bull Stewart and Jenna Samp, both of Baggs, Wyo., and Hazer Hinkle, of Saratoga, Wyo.; niece Cassie Logan, of Laramie, Wyo.; nephew J.P. Logan, of Rawlins, Wyo.; and several brothers- and sisters-in-law.
Cremation has taken place. A memorial service was held Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2010, at the Little Snake River Valley school in Baggs, Wyo., with a spring service to be held in May (date to be determined).
Donations can be made in lieu of flowers to Noyes Community Health, in care of Grant Mortuary, 621 Yampa Ave., Craig, CO 81625.