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Zimmerman: An ‘awkward’ defense

To the editor:

 The op-ed piece by Michelle Haefele in the Sept. 11 Saturday Morning Press was an awkward attempt at defending the "protection" of Vermillion Basin. 

In contrast, Scott Cook's letter to Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey director gave solid statistics on what it would cost our area if the 1-percent plan is scrapped and all of the two million acres first proposed were included.

The losses would be devastating to our county. It is completely "pie in the sky" for Haefele to think a few tourists could begin to make up for those lost dollars. 

For nearly a century-and-a-half the people of Moffat County have protected that land and its assets. That is why it has been singled out by environmentalist groups as a potential for wilderness designation.

What they have failed to understand is that not only have they insulted the people who have made their home here, they have made Vermillion a curiosity. That alone will eventually lead to its ruination.

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Our much-loved county has been blessed with rich energy reserves. America needs them.

We have lived with energy development for many years and still preserved the natural beauty of our area. I don't believe energy development is the consummate evil the Wilderness Society imagine it to be.

Finally, the Moffat County Commission is made up of three lifelong residents of Moffat County. If they oppose the "protection of Vermillion," it is not because they have "friends in the oil and gas industry," but because it is not good for Moffat County. 

Doris Zimmerman

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