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YVEA: Raven behind power outage in Craig

More than 2,000 customers left without power

Ben McCanna

Jim Chappell, spokesman for Yampa Valley Electric Association, said power was restored this afternoon to Craig after about three hours.

Chappell said the power outage mainly affected east portions of Craig, but also spread to the city's north and southwestern areas. Power went down about 9:45 a.m. and was restored about 12:35 p.m.

Crews initially thought the outage was caused by a blown fuse at a YVEA substation, but Chappell said crews later determined a bird was the cause.

Chappell said a raven flew into one of the circuit feeders at the Norman substation behind the YVEA offices east of Craig, damaging equipment.

About 2,588 customers were without power, he said.

Chappell said there were two steps to the outage.

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The initial outage was caused by the bird damaging the equipment, which took out one phase of the three-phase circuit.

Crews then determined they needed to shut down the entire substation and all three phases to properly fix the problem.

"Our first indication was that we might have a faulty transformer or a faulty regulator," he said. "Without testing the piece of equipment before energizing it, we could have caused additional damage to that piece of equipment. So, we had to test it first.

"Upon doing the test, that is when the crews found out that this bird actually created the fuse to blow on the high side of the substation."

Chappell said crews have completely fixed the problem and power should remain stable with no additional issues.

Joe Petrone, Moffat County School District superintendent, said classes at all preschools in the district have been canceled for the afternoon.

Afternoon classes will continue as scheduled at East Elementary School, Craig Middle School and Sandrock Elementary School, which were previously without power.

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