Youth baseball sweeps tournament |

Youth baseball sweeps tournament

Elwood Shelton

Hair clippers never sounded as sweet as they did Tuesday at the Craig Middle School baseball field.

The sound meant Craig’s youth baseball coach, Kurt Sorensen, was having his hair sheared, but it also meant more.

The buzz of the clippers was also the anthem of the team’s three-game triumph at its season-opening tournament.

After winning the first two games of the Fraser Tournament Friday, Sorensen proposed a wager with his players.

“I made the bet with the kids before the third game if they swept the tournament, they’d get to shave my head. But if they were to lose, I’d get to shave all of their heads,” Sorensen said. “So the boys have held me to my end of the bargain.”

The team more than earned its head-shaving rights after Friday and Saturday’s tournament. The team scored 49 runs during three games at Fraser, while only allowing four runs to be scored against them.

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Skyline, from Leadville, was the first team in the tournament to feel the wrath of the Craig team. They dropped the opening game to Craig by a score of 10-0.

Fraser was next in line, and was the only team in the tournament to score on Craig, putting four runs on the board.

Those four runs didn’t mean much compared to the 22 that Craig scored.

The pivotal final game of the tournament, the one with the head-shaving consequences, was against Platt Canyon.

With an obvious desire to see their coach go bald, the Craig team skunked Platt Canyon by a score of 17-0.

“We already felt confident after winning the first two games but after Coach Sorensen made the bet with us before the third game we were ready to kick some butt,” team member Derek Duran said.

While the head shaving was meant to be used as a motivational tool for the boys to sweep the season-opening tournament, Sorensen hopes it can work on different levels throughout the year.

The coach looks at the light-hearted wager as a stress reliever for the team, an event that he hopes will keep the team as loose and productive for the season as they were in the first tournament.

“This will be something that these boys will never forget for the rest of their lives, but I really just hope it keeps them relaxed for the rest of the season,” he said.

The team plays its next game of the season today, as they travel to Hayden.

The schedule for the rest of the year still remains on shaky ground, much of it depending on the players’ vacation plans.

There is one week that is set in stone for the team. The second week of July is the scheduled date for the district tournament, which will be held in Steamboat Springs.

Until then, the team will spend its time trying to keep the victories rolling, while their coach will be working to regrow his hair.

“We feel real confident about our next games, but you get pretty confident when you beat teams like we did,” Duran said.

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