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Craig Sports Briefs for June 8, 2016: Kayla Pinnt speeds to great finish in New Mexico

Recent Moffat County High School graduate Kayla Pinnt excelled during the 41st annual Great Southwest Track and Field Classic Friday and Saturday in Albuquerque, New Mexico, placing first in her division in the 100-meter dash at a time of 12.03 seconds.

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Community lunches, snacks begin at Boys & Girls Club

Meals at Boys & Girls Club — and later at Sandrock Elementary School — are open to all

“It’s a kid paradise,” said second-grader Zeke Roberts.

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Bulldog Sports for the week of June 6, 2016

The coming week in sports for Craig and Moffat County.

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Health Briefs: Summer meals program to begin

Health-related news and announcements, and tips for staying healthy from Craig and Moffat County healthcare providers.

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Cancer Drive provides family fun to support Moffat County Cancer Society

Fundraiser features football camps, Broncos cheer clinic, color run

The third annual Cancer Drive hosted by Victory Motors of Craig takes place next week, with multiple activities available during the weekend.

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Fitness Tip: Get the most from your aerobic exercise

If one of your fitness goals is to reduce body fat, there are a couple of major keys to maximizing your exercise regimen.

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Superfood Tip: Rhubarb is zangy, zesty and healthy

Nutritionists and chefs agree that eating seasonally is key in reaping the nutritional and flavor benefits of food.

Beauty Tip: Washing makeup off keeps skin healthy

We’ve all heard it before — washing off makeup before bed keeps your skin fresh and healthy, but do we know what happens to our skin when we don’t wash our face at night?

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TMH Living Well: New kinder, gentler c-section available at TMH

When the instructor covers cesarean sections in birthing class, you never imagine it’s going to be you. Yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that one in three babies in the United States are delivered by cesarean section.

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Healthy eating: Asian lettuce wraps

Asian lettuce wraps.

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Engaged audience participates in suicide awareness training

Participants share stories, queries about a deeply local issue

“When in doubt, call,” said Thornhill, program director for Mind Springs Health, in Craig. “Period. Across the board. Call.”

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Karie Fisher, MCSD registered nurse, offers health advice as summer beckons

The school district's registered nurse notes safety, nutrition concerns

“Don’t float the river alone, and wear a helmet when you do your motor sports, your biking, your ATV,” she said.

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TMH Living Well: Solutions to Heavy Bleeding During Menstrual Periods

Periods are usually not terrible but add in the cramping and backaches you get from heavy bleeding and they are truly a pain. For women, heavy periods, or menorrhagia, are fairly common, especially for adolescents who recently started getting their periods and for women who are pre-menopausal.

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Fitness Tip: Run in Monday's 5k

Connections 4 Kids is hosting a 5K at Moffat County Fairgrounds at 8 a.m. on Monday.

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Superfood Tip: Eat at least one egg a day

Recommendations about consuming eggs have evolved over the past few years resulting in some confusion. The American Heart Association has revised its recommendation of whole egg consumption to one a day to prevent negative impact on cholesterol.