VNA: Vaccine helps protect against meningococcal disease

Adolescence is marked by big steps and changes. Some changes, such as the transition into college, can come with health risks. One of the most dangerous of these is meningococcal meningitis. World Meningitis Day on Friday builds awareness around this potentially fatal condition and the vaccine that can help prevent it.

Fitness Tip: Cross-training

Cross-training involves adding different types of exercises into your fitness regimen. Usual cross-training activities include walking, swimming, biking and resistance training. Cross-training can make your fitness routine more fun and beneficial.

Wellness Tip: Nutrients — Macro, micro and phyto

A balanced diet includes the proper ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients.

TMH Living Well: Antibiotics aren't always the best treatment for sick children

When your child is sick you want to do whatever you can to get them better — fast. You bundle them up and take them to the doctor, expecting to get something to get rid of the illness, but you end up with a list of ways to treat the symptoms instead.

Craig health briefs for April 18, 2015: Craig VFW to host veterans town hall event

The Grand Junction Veterans Health Care System will hold its quarterly town hall meeting from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4265, 419 E. Victory Way, in Craig.

Thinking About Health: Think twice before buying drugs that aren’t effective

Word has just come from Express Scripts, the big pharmacy benefit manager, that per capita drug spending in the U.S. increased more than 6 percent last year. When high prices for specialty drugs like the hepatitis C medicine Sovaldi is factored in, the increase is even greater. There are more expensive specialty drugs in the pipeline, and prices of traditional drugs especially generics are rising too. We know that if we’ve refilled any prescriptions.

The Memorial Hospital Foundation granted $30,000 through Caring for Colorado

The Memorial Hospital Foundation recently received a $30,000 grant from the Caring for Colorado Foundation, according to a press release. Caring for Colorado is a health grant providing funding to build health care capacity, strengthen existing health care systems and link people to care.

TMH Living Well: April is Autism Awareness Month

Autism fairly common, especially among boys

Before passing quick judgment on a parent as their child throws a temper tantrum in a grocery store, consider that it might be autism. Autism is becoming a more common diagnosis, given to 1 in 68 children in the United States, according to Autism Speaks.

Wellness Tip: Protein

Protein is an essential part of our diet. Protein consists of amino acids that play an important role in our bodies including, energy production, muscle repair, balanced blood sugar and immune health.

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Vision therapy assists with learning disabilities, sports vision and traumatic brain injuries

Standing in front of a large television monitor, doctor of optometry Natalie Hansen touches red dots on alternating sides of the screen using each of her hands.

Fitness Tip: Goal setting

As you are looking at setting goal for this year, make sure you make SMART fitness goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Timeframe.

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Poor health habits persist for Moffat County, according to rankings

Moffat County continues to struggle with poor health behaviors such as smoking, drinking. physical inactivity and teen births, according to the 2015 County Health Rankings released last week.

Craig health briefs for April 4, 2015: Take precautions with live poultry

Health briefs for Craig and Moffat County.

TMH Living Well: The Memorial Hospital Health Fair takes place April 11

Many chronic illnesses have been discovered at health fairs. Ask any doctor if they know a patient who skirted a serious health issue because they attended a health fair and you’ll likely hear yes. It’s true for Dr. Elise Sullivan, Family Medicine Physician with The Memorial Hospital Medical Clinic.