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Forget Me Not: Senior Social Center to celebrate one-year anniversary

Organization hires new program coordinator

The Senior Social Center in Craig recently hired Jackie Camp as its new program coordinator, helping the organization become more viable than ever. Camp cares deeply about Craig’s older population, and she’s thrilled to take the group to the next level.

Beauty Tip: Coconut oil for skin and hair

You may have heard the health benefits of eating coconut oil, but did you know it’s also great for your skin? Ditch the expensive lotions with dozens of ingredients you can’t pronounce and try plain coconut oil on your skin instead.

TMH Living Well: Protect Against GYN Cancers by Learning the Symptoms

September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

There are five different gynecologic cancers, and each is unique with different signs and symptoms. Did you know bloating is exclusive to ovarian cancer and itching and burning are unique to vulvar cancer? Since there is not a reliable screening test for most gynecologic cancers, knowing the signs and getting an annual exam are your best defenses.

Superfood Tip: Colorful bell peppers boost health, add variety to meals

Bell peppers come in many shapes and forms and can be added to a number of meals. They’re also a healthy and quick snack. So they’re pretty and tasty, but what health benefits to they offer?

Fitness Tip: Train like you’re in the Army with a two-mile run

Have you ever wondered what kind of training military personnel have to endure in order to stay fit for combat?

Thinking About Health: Insured victims of medical errors can get big bills

Last winter Tammy Fogall, a reader in Colorado, told me about her family’s “troubled summer vacation,” as she called it. A visit to relatives in Ohio had turned into a medical nightmare that left the family struggling with a $12,000 bill plus a ringside seat to observe what happens when doctors and hospitals make mistakes.

Healthy Eating: Roasted Roma Tomatoes

These tomatoes develop a sweet intense flavor during roasting. Use them as a side dish; as a topping for pasta or pizza; or drizzle pesto over the top and serve them as an appetizer.

Craig health briefs for Sept. 19, 2015: TMH hosts Chamber Mixer Thursday

Health-related news, announcements and tips for staying healthy from Craig and Moffat County healthcare providers.

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Can Do MS helps Craig native take charge of health

She was only 27 when she got the diagnosis: multiple sclerosis. At first, the symptoms were bothersome, but not that big a deal. Eventually, the pain, nausea and fatigue started to take their toll, leading her to work from home more often and to stop spending time with friends and family.

Healthy Eating: Colorado Green Chili Stew

Colorado Green Chili Stew is a great way to stay warm as the chilly fall and winter arrive. Add chopped jalapeños to give the stew a kick. If you make a double batch, you can freeze the leftovers and thaw it when the weather turns cold.

Forget Me Not: Loving and caring for our elderly population is vital

Loneliness is a terrible thing to experience, especially if you’ve been married, raised children and have grandchildren who never visit. Our elderly population in the United States is marred by stories of neglect, leaving the loved ones that gave us life in the dust.

Beauty Tip: Washing makeup off helps boost skin health

We’ve all heard it before — washing off makeup before bed keeps your skin fresh and healthy, but do we know what happens to our skin when we don’t wash our face at night?

Superfood Tip: How many fruits and veggies should I eat each day?

We all know that eating fruits and veggies is an important part of our diets, but exactly how much should we eat each day?

Fitness Tip: Warming up and cooling down are important to fitness routines

The Center for Disease control states the importance of warming up your body and cooling it down after vigorous workouts.

VNA: Take responsibility, be ready for an emergency

During the hum of daily life, it can be hard to grasp the importance of emergency preparedness, especially when we haven’t recently faced danger of wildfire or other disasters.