Wellness Tip: Take proper care of burns

Summer fun is filled with outdoor activities that include barbecues, camping and campfires. Accidents happen and burns may occur. In the event of a burn smaller than the size of a quarter, rinse it under cool tap water for 20 minutes and wrap loosely with dry gauze secured with tape.

Fitness Tip: Staying on track

It is important to keep track of your workouts. Maintaining a daily or weekly log of your workouts helps you ensure that you are progressing toward your fitness goals and keeping your body challenged. You will want to record such things as frequency, duration and intensity of your exercise.

TMH Living Well: Cancer rehab shown to improve outcomes

The effects of cancer are not over once the cancer is removed or radiation and chemotherapy treatments end. Often, people are left dealing with the aftereffects of treatments, including scar tissue, compromised muscles, swelling in their arms and legs, numbness, fatigue, weakness, balance issues and even cognitive changes. A recent study by the Mayo Clinic of cancer patients after treatment revealed that 66 percent were left with some kind of functional impairment. The solution? Cancer rehabilitation. If you know of someone who is going through cancer treatments, advise them to ask their doctor for a referral for cancer rehab. It might make the world of difference.

Healthy Eating: On-the-Run Omelet Sandwiches

These omelet sandwiches make a fast breakfast.

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Paleo eating garners mainstream appeal, local dietitians still have doubts

Paleo. Primal. Ancestral. Caveman. The diet known by any of these names suggests considering the eating habits of the world’s earliest humans when selecting and preparing foods.

Craig health briefs for June 13, 2015: REPS holds monthly volunteer meeting Thursday

Reaching Everyone Preventing Suicide will hold its monthly Moffat County volunteer meeting from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday at Colorado Northwestern Community College’s academic building in Craig. All are welcome to attend.

Rural Immersion Week takes place next week

Health profession students with the University of Colorado Denver who have expressed an interest in future rural practice will be spending a week in the Craig community learning about and investigating all aspects of small town personal, professional and community life.

Fitness Tip: Get good sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is a very important component to your fitness program. A lack of sleep will not only make you tired the next day, it has a major impact on what's happening inside your body.

Fitness Tip: Make sleep a priority

Getting a good night’s rest is a very important component to your fitness program. A lack of sleep will not only make you tired the next day, it has a major impact on what's happening inside your body.

Wellness Tip: Get your Phytonutrients through colorful fruits, vegetables

What’s a phytonutrient, why do I need them and how do I get them? Phytonutrients are compounds found in fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables. They do not provide protein, carbohydrate or fats.

TMH Living Well Column: Enjoy Sun the Safe Way

There are not a lot of things that beat feeling the warmth and heat of the sun on your skin. But how much sun is safe? Is a tanning booth ever okay? Follow these guidelines from skincancer.org to ensure your time in the sun is not just enjoyable, but guilt free and safe.

Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Safety first approach helps prevent youth ATV accidents

All-terrain vehicles are popular, and it’s easy to see why. They are fun and functional — often used for ranch work, hunting, hauling and other purposes — and can be a great family activity. Like many motor vehicles, ATVs also are powerful and can be dangerous, especially for youth.

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Yampa Valley Medical Center to purchase old Safeway building in Craig

Yampa Valley Medical Center is currently under contract to purchase a 49,500 square foot building in Craig that used to house the Safeway grocery store.

Craig health briefs for June 6, 2015: The Memorial Hospital hosts Women’s Health Series

A second installment of The Memorial Hospital’s Women’s Health Series called “Small Talk, Big Topics” will take place at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at Downtown Books, and other health briefs for Craig and Moffat County.

Thinking About Health: High deductibles vs. lower premiums equals costly trade-off

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from Judy, a reader who wanted to tell me about trouble she’s had paying her medical bills, particularly those for prescription drugs. Severe daily headaches had just qualified her for Social Security disability benefits. After she satisfies a two-year waiting period, which the law requires, she will qualify for Medicare as all people on Social Security disability will do whether or not they are age 65. Judy couldn’t wait so she looked for other insurance options.