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King Kale: the nutrition powerhouse of the vegetable world

If there’s one thing you make the effort to eat more often, let it be kale. Its loaded resume of vitamins and nutrients have implicated kale in a variety of studies linking the consumption of dark, leafy greens to cancer prevention and cardiovascular health.

VNA expands volunteer program

Billie Jacobs has been a volunteer for more than 30 years, working mostly with seniors and hospice-related programs. In 2004, Billie became a volunteer with hospice at the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association, where she spends time with clients and does anything she can — grocery shopping, errands, cleaning — to help their families.

Craig health briefs for Jan. 17, 2015: Weigh and Win program offers incentives for healthy living

Weigh and Win, a free community weight loss program, installed a kiosk Tuesday in the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association lobby.

Fitness Tip: Stay Aerobic. Burn Fat

If one of your fitness goals is to decrease body fat, it is important to monitor your exercise intensity.

Wellness Tip: Chia seeds

Chia seeds have a nutlike flavor and are an excellent addition to smoothies or your favorite beverage.

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Craig doctor Larry Kipe assumes role of TMH chief of staff

The Memorial Hospital welcomed Larry Kipe, M.D. as its new chief of staff at the monthly board of trustees meeting Thursday.

Craig health briefs for Jan. 10, 2015: Weigh and Win program offers incentives for healthy living

A statewide community health and wellness program, Weigh and Win, will kick off in Craig with the installation of a Weigh and Win kiosk Tuesday at the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association.

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Health insurance enrollment numbers show contrast between Moffat and Routt counties

The open enrollment period for health insurance is now more than half over, and data released Tuesday reveals a drastic difference between Moffat and Routt county enrollment numbers.

Fitness Tip: Keep your metabolism high

If you want to burn more calories throughout your day, take into consideration your resting metabolic rate (RMR).

Wellness Tip: Sleep

In an effort to cram 25 hours into every 24-hour day, sleep deprivation is a very common occurrence.

Thinking About Health: Health insurance brings new tax headaches

Choosing an insurance policy either from your state’s shopping exchanges or from an agent selling on the open market is nothing less than daunting, a tough, unwelcome chore most of us could do without. The task for shoppers is about to get even more complicated as tax time approaches. Since most people must carry insurance or face penalties, and more than 80 percent of those buying from a state exchange received tax subsidies, taxes have quickly become linked to medical insurance.

TMH Living Well: Uro-what? Urodynamics and incontinence

Unless you or someone you know has urinary incontinence, you’ve probably never heard of the term urodynamics. It’s a common phrase used by urologists and gynecologists alike. Urodynamics simply refers to a series of tests that assess how well a person’s bladder and urethra are working.

Healthy Recipe: Health Bowl

A “health bowl” is a mix of a grain (quinoa, brown rice, faro or barley), green (romaine, arugula, spinach, mache, radicchio, kale, swiss chard or purple cabbage), vegetables/fruits, lean protein (chicken, canned or grilled fish, lean meat) and a light dressing.

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Flu season near its peak; Northwest Colorado skirts worst of it

The flu season may already have peaked in Colorado, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, however it is producing the highest number of hospitalizations and outbreaks in long-term care facilities recorded in the last 10 years.

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Heart rate monitoring can enhance workouts

If something is missing from your workout this January, the answer may be in your heart. People who monitor their heart rate while exercising are able to better understand how hard they are pushing their bodies.