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Moffat County breast cancer survivors share stories

A breast cancer diagnosis from one’s medical professional is an announcement no one wants to hear. It can bring with it month after month of waiting rooms, a list of possible treatments that sound worse than the disease itself and a fear of your life never being the same again. However, those fortunate enough to go through the process and come out stronger for the experience have plenty of wisdom to share.

Noelle Leavitt Riley: Honoring breast cancer awareness month

October is breast cancer awareness month. Let's fight the good fight.

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New regional boundaries affect Colorado health insurance premiums

A newly redrawn state health insurance marketplace map will alter 2015 premium amounts for Coloradans, with premiums slightly up across the state, but down overall in western Colorado.

The Memorial Hospital: Many women survive breast cancer

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer — or any cancer — is scary. It’s hard to avoid thoughts of "what if," especially when there is a lag between diagnostic appointments or procedures. But breast cancer is survivable for many, and getting regular checkups increases those odds tremendously.

Craig health briefs for Oct. 4, 2014: Presentation for parents will inform on respiratory illnesses in kids

The Memorial Hospital pediatrician Christie Yarmer, M.D., will host a community education presentation for parents from 6 to 7 p.m. Wednesday in the TMH conference rooms.

Super Food Tip: Dried fruit

Dried fruit is an option for affordable stocking your pantry with fruit during the winter. As the name suggests, dried fruit is fruit that has been dried by way of sun or dehydrator. These two methods require no additional preservation such as salt or sugar, naturally providing a long shelf life.

Fitness Tip: Check your posture

Almost everyone needs a reminder about the importance of good posture. Poor postural awareness is one of the top reasons patients with non-traumatic muscle and joint pain require physical therapy.

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Bilingual family physician begins at TMH Medical Clinic next week

The Memorial Hospital Medical Clinic’s new family physician, Elise Sullivan, M.D., offers more than the average doctor. Bilingual in Spanish, with a passion for delivering babies and energy that never stops, she’ll even dance her patients into better health, as she demonstrated Wednesday at the hospital’s meet-and-greet for the new doctor.

Craig health briefs for Sept. 27, 2014: Event to provide safe disposal of prescription drugs

The Craig Police Department and Reaching Everyone Preventing Suicide volunteers will participate in National Prescription Drug Take Back Day with an event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today at the Centennial Mall parking lot in Craig. The event will provide an opportunity for individuals with unwanted and unused prescription drugs to safely dispose of them.

Thinking About Health: Insurers shift higher prices for generic drugs to patients

What I like to call The Great Cost Shift in American health care marches on with the approach of this year’s insurance enrollment season. That’s when all of us who get coverage from employers, the new state exchanges, Medicare Advantage plans or from a Medicare prescription drug plan are likely to find that choosing drug coverage just became harder. Not that it was ever easy.

Healthy Eating: Green Tomato Salsa

The perfect way to use all of those green tomatoes that didn’t ripen before the first freeze.

Fitness Tip: What is wellness?

The real benefits of wellness, or an active lifestyle and healthy diet, are that you'll feel better and have more energy to accomplish the things you want to do in life.

Superfood Tip: Frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables are a dinner saver, time saver, and sometimes budget saver.

TMH Living Well: Treating enterovirus 68 and other upper respiratory infections in kids

Likely you’ve seen a recent newscast on enterovirus 68. It’s an especially aggressive strain of a common set of bugs that cause upper respiratory symptoms each fall in children and adults alike, and it’s been especially active in Colorado. This year, the virus morphed into something more severe and less recognizable by our immune systems.

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Northwest Colorado preps for ski season

Making the most of the upcoming ski season means preparing for the slopes well before the first chairlift ride of the winter.