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Colorado Health Foundation learns of area's strengths, concerns

Community members lauded the work of health care professionals in the area, but they also pointed out obstacles to health — such as the difficulty of securing funding in a rural area.

Health Briefs: Pregnancy Center sees urgent need for infant items

Health-related news and announcements, and tips for staying healthy from Craig and Moffat County healthcare providers.

Beauty Tip: A beauty tip for men — get rid of ear and nose hairs

According to Livestrong.com, men need beauty tips too. Unwanted hairs can be distracting. One suggestion the website offers is for men to be aware of ear and nose hairs.

Fitness Tip: BMI vs. body fat percentage

Body Mass Index (BMI) uses only two factors: height and weight.

Superfood Tip: The versatility of oatmeal

Oatmeal is a versatile, healthy and economical food staple to keep in your pantry.

TMH Living Well: Roughly 40 to 75% of people are vitamin D deficient

If you could take a supplement that would likely guard you against some cancers and the common cold and other viruses, would you? Many people are saying yes, and taking daily supplements of vitamin D.

Artwork highlights Hospice Daffodils fundraiser

Looking out on winter scenes from her studio in North Routt County, you wouldn’t think watercolor artist Barb Ross would be thinking about daffodils. But months before the blooms grace her garden, they grace her easel as artwork that will eventually appear on posters for the annual Hospice Daffodils fundraiser.

Healthy eating: Dark chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie bars

Craving something sweet? This cookie bar will provide fiber and nutrients by using whole grains and applesauce while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Healthy eating: Spinach enchilada casserole

Spinach enchilada casserole

Lifeline program now uses cellular data

“Before the newest units, we had to have a landline in order to have a Lifeline,” said Stayton Mosbey, Lifeline program coordinator for The Memorial Hospital in Craig.

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Dietitians on board with new guidelines taking aim at added sugars

Added sugars lurk in many foods and beverages, and new national dietary guidelines suggest it’s time for everyone to shift eating habits to avoid excess sugar consumption.

Health Briefs: Colorado Health Foundation's listening tour comes to Craig

Health-related news and announcements, and tips for staying healthy from Craig and Moffat County healthcare providers.

Superfood Tip: Bananas provide plethora of benefits

Bananas are available for purchase year round, making them an easy snack with a health boost anytime of the year.

Fitness Tip: 3 ways to burn 100 calories

Burning calories helps you maintain a healthy weight, but what if you're always on the go and have a difficult time fitting in a daily exercise routine?