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Dry climate leads to dry eyes

Area optometrists are able to help with new diagnostic and treatment programs for chronic dry eyes

Dry itchy eyes are as much of the western way of life as dust and sagebrush for many people, but now there may be relief in sight as area optometrists offer new diagnostic equipment and treatment programs. “It is so dry here and that was one of my motivators to bringing the equipment here,” said Craig Eckroth, optometrist and partner at EyeCare Specialties, who in 2015 began diagnosing and treating people with dry eyes using a new system by the Tear Science company called Lipiview and Lipiflow.

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TMH Living Well: Stretta therapy great option for treating GERD

If you are one of the estimated 1 in 3 Americans who suffer from GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), you know how miserable it can be. You likely experience terrible heartburn and a burning sensation in your chest and throat. Do you regurgitate your food or find it difficult to swallow? Do you experience chest pain or a constant sour taste in your mouth? You might even dread eating, as you know you will pay for it later. Whatever your symptoms, they no doubt affect your quality of life, every single day.

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Health Briefs: Free cardiovascular screenings offered on World Heart Day Thursday

Health screenings, flu shots and more health news.

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Fitness Tip: Don’t forget to eat!

When you’re working out, burning calories and building muscle, it’s important to eat three meals a day and to have healthy snacks throughout the day.

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Superfood Tips: Add nuts to your diet

Nuts add a bountiful boost to your diet, and they’re great snacks.

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Health care professionals raise concerns about Amendment 69; supporters say it will cure state’s health care ills

Although a number of ColoradoCare supporters who have spent years championing universal health care say Amendment 69 could be a cure for Colorado’s health care woes, many hospital officials fear bad results should voters approve the initiative this November.

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Health Briefs: Senior Social Center Board meets Sept. 19

Health news for miners, new USDA program for addiction recovery and teen reproductive health classes.

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Thinking About Health: Obesity rates fall but are still higher than in 1990

Is the message that the nation is getting too fat beginning to sink in? The answer is “yes but,” says the Trust for America’s Health, a nonprofit, non-partisan group that aims to protect the health of communities and make disease prevention a national priority. And a study of health care quality and quantity across the nation suggests some reasons why things are not improving uniformly.

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TMH Living Well: Healthy You class for preteens and teens provides helpful view on sexuality

While it’s normal to feel funny about your preteens and teens turning into sexual beings, it’s best to acknowledge it is happening and expose them to factual information, rather than letting them rely on rumors and hearsay from their peers. That’s the thinking behind a current three-part class series called Building a Healthy You.

Northwest Colorado Health: Smoking cessation help available for pregnant women

Smoking is an unhealthy habit that is especially harmful to pregnant women and their new babies. Low birth weights, risk of asthma, upper respiratory infections and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) are just a few of the risks to newborns from their mothers who smoke during pregnancy. One of the best gifts a woman can give her child is a smoke free pregnancy and a smoke free home.

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Do you have questions about ColoradoCare (Amendment 69)?

Basic questions about ColoradoCare answered by both proponents and opponents of the measure

Voters, during this year’s general election will decide if Colorado is to be the first state to have a universal health care payment system. The ColoradoCare System Initiative or Amendment 69, is also known as ColoradoCare, if passed, would create a healthcare payment system designed to finance universal healthcare for all Colorado residents. Proponents claim “it would cover Coloradans like Medicare covers seniors and save everyone money,” said Joel Dyar, a state field director for ColoradoCareYES. Opponents say “it would double the State budget; hurt small business, provides no guarantees for coverage and would hurt Colorado’s economic growth,” said Tony Gagliardi, state director of the National Federation of Independent Businesses where 93 percent of member businesses are against the measure.

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Superfood Tip: Eat salmon for good health

Every one of salmon's 244 calories per 4 ounce serving provides loads of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids not commonly found in other foods. One serving of salmon contains vitamin D, B12, high amounts of protein, selenium (powerful antioxidant), phosphorus and the omega 3 fatty acid-DHA.

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Fitness Tip: What is wellness?

The real benefits of wellness, or an active lifestyle and healthy diet, are that you'll feel better and have more energy to accomplish the things you want to do in life.

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TMH Living Well: Tough time talking to kids about sex? Attend a Healthy You class

When it comes to talking to your kids about sex you might be tempted to avoid the topic altogether. It’s understandable that it feels uncomfortable, but talking — and not just once — ensures your kids have accurate information on sexuality and gives you the opportunity to share your views. If you don’t know where to start, don’t fret. The community has come together to give you talking points and information.

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Healthy eating: Roasted tomato and spinach pasta

Roasted tomato and spinach pasta