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YampaCare Family Medicine to replace Kinder Family Clinic

Yampa Valley Medical Center announced Monday that it will rebrand and lease Kinder Family Clinic, a deal that Dr. Pamela Kinder has been working on for months.

Health briefs for July 26, 2014: General surgeon to start at The Memorial Hospital

Dr. X. Alexis Driggs will begin her time with The Memorial Hospital, her first day with the organization scheduled for July 30.

Thinking About Health: Who wins race for patients — the ER or urgent care?

Tracy Hume, a freelance writer who lives in Greeley, and a reader of Thinking About Health columns, recently sent along this provocative question. “Do ER-affiliated urgent care providers ever try to escalate patients to the ER when it is not medically necessary?” she asked. “Why? How should a consumer respond?”

Superfood Tip: Ergogenic Aids

Ergogenic Aids are foods or supplements that help improve our cardiovascular/muscular performance. Some supplements have big claims but may be dangerous because of harmful additives (remember: no agency such as the FDA regulates supplements).

Fitness Tip: Goal setting

Set SMART fitness goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Timeframe. Be specific such as “I want to lose 10 pounds” not “I want to lose some weight.”

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At last! Permission to drink whole milk

Since I was a kid, I’ve heard, “Drink skim milk, it’s better for you.” Even now, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Heart Association and the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommend children drink three glasses of skim milk each day to receive the benefits of vitamin D and calcium without the calories.

TMH Living Well: Empower caregiver with medical consent

As a parent, it’s important for you to go out once in a while and leave your children with a babysitter or grandparent. When you go, don’t forget to leave behind a medical consent form. If something happened while you were gone, you’ll need it for your caregiver to initiate medical care quickly.

Health briefs for July 19, 2014: Pregnancy Center fundraiser in final week

The Yampa Valley Pregnancy Center FUNdraiser Summer Walk-a-thon is still seeking registration.

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Your Health: Northwest Colorado teen birth rates down from previous years

Moffat and Routt counties are among the areas of Colorado seeing lower teenage birth rates, which have dropped significantly across the state during the past five years, an achievement state health officials and the governor are attributing to an ambitious contraception program.

Study links smoking, suicide risk

It’s well-known that cigarettes are bad for your health, but does smoking make you more likely to kill yourself, too? In a paper published this week in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research, authors argued that smoking and suicide may be more closely related than previously thought.

Studies point to new risks for cholesterol drug niacin

New details from two studies reveal more side effects from niacin, a drug that hundreds of thousands of Americans take for cholesterol problems and general heart health. Some prominent doctors say the drug now seems too risky for routine use.

Scientists working on biological pacemaker

No batteries required: Scientists are creating a biological pacemaker by injecting a gene into the hearts of sick pigs that changed ordinary cardiac cells into a special kind that induces a steady heartbeat.

Living Well: Hepatitis C prevalent among baby boomers

Mayo Clinic tests available through TMH

It’s hard to accept that one decision you made when you were 17 or 18 could affect your health and quality of life today. But that’s what many baby boomers are finding out. Maybe back in college or high school they snorted or injected a drug once or twice and today they have Hepatitis C, a nasty virus that is hard to get rid of and can lead to liver cancer.

Super Food Tip: Kefir offers good bacteria

Kefir is similar to a drinkable yogurt. It contains protein, calcium and has multiple strains of good gut bacteria versus yogurt’s single strain.

Fitness Tip: Cross-training

Have you considered cross-training? Cross-training involves incorporating different types of exercises (walking, swimming, biking, resistance training) into your fitness routine.