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Dr. Thomas Told, longtime Craig doctor, reflects on past and present work

Told stresses the importance of the family practice doctor

“There was a lot of distance between where we lived and a doctor,” said Dr. Thomas Told, during a recent visit to Craig. “There were either blizzards in Wyoming or mountains in Utah that kept us from seeing a doc.

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Moffat County community rolls out for CASA bowling fundraiser

Organization seeking greater awareness for work with abused children

A regional organization struck out this weekend — in a good way. The lanes were packed Saturday evening at Thunder Rolls Bowling Center as the inaugural Northwest Rocky Mountain Colorado CASA Bowl-for-Kids fundraiser brought in plenty of community support.

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TMH Living Well: Sun protection tips for kids and babies

It’s the peak of summer and we all want to get out and soak in the rays of the sun. Enjoy the outdoors, but remember the intensity of the sun is stronger than when we were kids. That’s because ultraviolet rays penetrate our thinning atmosphere more easily, and make us more vulnerable to sun damage. When you are out having fun take precautions to protect your family, especially babies, from too much sun exposure.

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Health Briefs: Yellow fever vaccine in short supply

Health-related news and announcements, and tips for staying healthy from Craig and Moffat County healthcare providers.

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Beauty Tip: Taking proper care of sunburns

It’s that time of year where we’re all spending more time outdoors in the hot, blistering sun. Although we’d like to avoid getting sunburns, sometimes it happens.

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Superfood Tip: Beets are extremely healthy

Beets are not only healthy, but they help lower blood pressure, according to a number of health experts.

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Fitness Tip: Paddle boarding burns massive calories

Two great spots exist right here in Craig for paddle boarding — the Yampa River and Elkhead Reservoir. Don’t worry if you don’t have a paddle board, as Red Coyote Adventure out of Jackson’s in Craig rents paddle boards.

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Healthy eating: Energy bars

These bars are great for a mid-day snack; they provide protein, healthy fat and a touch of sweetness without a lot of sugar.

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Northwest Colorado Health hospice volunteer creates personalized art for families

Teneil Jayne is no stranger to loss or the power art can have to provide comfort to those in pain. Last May, Jayne found herself watching a good friend in her early 30s with two young children enter hospice while battling ovarian cancer.

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Miners Clinic of Colorado to offer information about federal programs

Health screening scheduled for Thursday and Friday at The Memorial Hospital Medical Clinic

“We do the screenings for free, and if people have evidence for either Black Lung or another qualifying condition … then we will tell them how to file,” said Cecile Rose, medical director of the Miners Clinic of Colorado.

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Free health screenings available to miners this week in Craig

Screenings will take place on Thursday and Friday

The free screenings “are available for current and retired miners; uranium miners, millers and ore transporters; and people who worked at or lived downwind of the Nevada Test site during nuclear weapons testing.”

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TMH Living Well Column: Regular screenings prevent colon cancer

It’s reassuring to know that as long as you get recommended colon cancer screening tests you will most likely avoid colon cancer. That’s because colon cancer starts out as a benign polyp in your colon. Once removed, your cancer risk at that site is gone.

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Thinking About Health: Higher Premiums are likely coming

An Indiana couple who wrote to me a few weeks ago has experienced the ups and downs of Obamacare, and they wanted me to know about one downside they now face — a monthly premium of $836.

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Northwest Colorado Health: Prevention key to men’s health

When it comes to living well and living long, statistics are not in men’s favor. On average, men die about five years sooner than women and have higher death rates for most leading causes of death including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and suicide.

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Beauty Tip: Lemons are used for rough elbows, dark colors

Most people slice up lemons for their water or squeeze them on their favorite fish meal, but did you know that lemons are used also to soften and remove dark colors from elbows?