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Yampa Valley Golf Course superintendent Tim Boyle aces hole 4

Ben Bulkeley

As Yampa Valley Golf Course's superintendent, Tim Boyle spends his days pouring over the greens.

Boyle may know the grounds as well as anyone — after all, he has spent the last three years making sure they are perfect.

Because of his familiarity with not only the grounds, but also the game itself, Boyle knows how hard it can be to record a hole-in-one.

But, that didn't stop him.

Boyle sunk a hole-in-one July 1 on the fourth hole, which is a par 3 that played about 167 yards that day.

It was Boyle's second ace — he notched one in 1998 at Lincoln Park Golf Course in Grand Junction — but his most recent one, he said, was more special.

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It was on the day his father, Joe Boyle, turned 77.

It was Joe who taught Tim to play golf.

"I used to caddy for him," he said. "We started playing together when I was in the fourth grade."

With his father by his side, Tim prepared to tee off on the fourth hole, which features a short fairway shrouded in trees and a sand trap guarding the green. He said he wasn't thinking about anything special when he prepared to strike the ball.

"It was with my little 7 iron," he said. "I heard it hit the pin and wondered if that might have just flown in the hole."

Sure enough, when Boyle approached the hole he found a divot near the front of the cup, and his ball inside.

"It went right into the hole — I heard it, but I didn't know where it went," he said. "I heard it hit the pin, and when I walked up to it, I realized it went in.

"I figured it would be up next to the hole. I thought 'Nice shot, maybe I can get a birdie.'"

It went in without a bounce, Boyle said.

"I knew that I hit it in line with the flag," he said. "Because of my depth perception, I didn't think it was going to go in.

"But, it floated right in."

Boyle, who has an 8.5 handicap, would go on to shoot 82 on the day.

For his shot, Boyle was awarded $1,270 from the Yampa Valley Men's Golf Club.

July 1 was the first Men's Club event Boyle had participated in this season.

Boyle said he has had some shots fall short of aces since his last one, with some resting on the lip of the cup — a bounce away from a sizable check.

Including Boyle, there have been 146 golfers who have recorded a hole-in-one at Yampa Valley Golf Course.

Since August 2006, 10 golfers have accomplished the feat, including two by Craig resident Christy Rolando on the 11th hole.

Rolando reflected Thursday on the experience of having not one, but two holes-in-one on her golf resume.

On her first:

"It was very surprising," she said. "I was very excited, but I wasn't expecting it. … It was a good shot, but I think most of it was luck."

She was equally modest about her second.

"It was an ugly shot with a good result," Rolando said. "I was with my best friends and (former golf professional) Chuck Cobb. When I hit it, I looked away because I thought it was such a bad shot.

"That's when Chuck said, 'Oh, my gosh, it's going in.'"

Like Boyle, Rolando said her second was special because of the company she was in when it happened.

"It was probably more special to me because of the people I was with," she said. "It's an exciting moment, and I got to share it with friends."

Rolando said she has already congratulated Boyle on joining the golf course's list of ace strikers.

"It's something that usually only happens to someone once," she said. "You never think about it. The stars just align for that one day."

After working on the greens all day before getting out July 1, Boyle said he couldn't have imagined a better time to sink his shot.

"I had to work all day, then I got to get off and golf," he said. "It was a nice way to end the day."


There have been 146 holes-in-one at Yampa Valley Golf Course, including 23 on the fourth hole, where Tim Boyle had his July 1.

Below are the past 10 golfers who scored a hole in one:

Date Name Hole

• July 1, 2010 Tim Boyle 4

• July 25, 2009 Christy Rolando 11

• July 2, 2009 Austin Zimmerman 16

• May 7, 2009 Kirk McKey 11

• Aug. 25, 2008 Steve Hafey 11

• Aug. 7, 2008 Christy Rolando 11

• Aug.7, 2008 Jim Liljedahl 11

• May 31, 2008 Gary James 11

• May 19, 2008 Rick Holford 4

• Aug. 3, 2006 Ken Harjes 7

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