Winey: Don’t vote for Tancredo |

Winey: Don’t vote for Tancredo

To the editor:

I hope you have not been duped into voting for Tom Tancredo as I almost was.

I learned something recently that convinced me Tom would not be a good governor for Colorado.

What I learned was the kind of people that Tom Tancredo was appointing to his administration, if he won.

One person, in particular, has convinced me that Tom Tancredo does not have the best interest of Colorado in his mind, but of his own political career.

That person is assistant Senate Minority Leader Greg Brophy who would run the Department of Natural Resources.

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Mr. Brophy has several bills that he voted yes on, listed on his own website to try and convince you of his conservative stand.

The one bill he leaves out is his yes vote on Colorado House Bill 10-1365. This bill is called the Clean Air, Clean Jobs Act.

I do not understand how anyone can call themselves a strong conservative and yet vote yes on this bill.

There were two bills brought up this year, and in the recent past by our Federal government that will be very harmful to our American way of life.

One was nicknamed the Obama health care bill, and most conservatives understand the dangers of this bill.

The next is the cap and trade legislation.

Anyone who has studied cap and trade in any depth at all understands it is just as detrimental to the American Way of life as the Obama health care bill.

H.B. 10-1365 is no more than the Colorado version of cap and trade.

It had many yes votes by so-called "conservative" representatives and senators that it passed. They apparently have no more studied cap and trade legislation than our federal representatives understood the health care bill.

One of these so-called conservatives was Greg Brophy. His conservatism is apparently very shallow. And so must Mr. Tancredo's be to give this man the responsibility of the energy industry in our state.

There seems to be only one man running for governor who understand this danger, and that is Dan Maes.

My biggest regret is that I will have influenced someone to vote for Tom Tancredo that otherwise would not have.

Matt Winey

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