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Williams: Blame the federal government, not Arizona

To the editor:

I need to respond to the opinion column printed in last week's Moffat County High School Post Script about racism and the Arizona immigration law.

First, there is no question that racism is a problem, but it is not near the problem that the left would have you believe. This is a word that is used often by the liberal left to try and distract people or to muddy the waters about what they are doing; it is used to take the spotlight off their real agenda.

Remember how quickly the term was thrown out the instant people started disagreeing with Barack Obama? In truth, race had nothing to do with it; most that disagreed have an equal dislike for the Clintons. It is the socialist agenda of the far left and anyone that would attempt to destroy our nation with socialism. This is what people don't like.

As for the Arizona immigration law, it seems that you are no different than the top law enforcement for the Obama administration — you didn't read the law, either. The law specifically says that any request for proof of citizenship can only come after a legitimate traffic stop or some other infraction that would bring you in contact with law enforcement. The law specifically says racial profiling is not to be used for the reason for the contact.

The Arizona law is fairer about allowing racial profiling than current federal law. The real problem is the total failure of the federal government.

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Any immigration reform should not include any form of amnesty for those already here illegally. You do not give a reward for breaking the law.

The federal government needs to address the real problems. No.1 is the politicians pandering for the Hispanic vote. No. 2 is the same politicians pandering to those that hire the illegal.

It's simple: Stop trying to play both ends against the middle. Enact legislation that places a stiff fine of $10,000 on a business of any size from one employee on up for each illegal they hire, double it for the next infraction and the third time triple the fine and add 90 days in jail for upper management, and then enforce the law.

This will accomplish three things: it will dry up the job market for the illegal; level the playing field for all businesses that do the right thing and don't hire the illegal; and it will not be a slap in the face for all those that have immigrated to this country legally.

If there is not a job market for them, there is no reason for them to come here. Any illegal found with false papers would spend a mandatory one year in prison and then be deported and never allowed to come here again. We have a right to control who is coming in and a right to reject anyone that is deemed undesirable.

 John Williams

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