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Why are Craig’s prices so high?

Tina Hawley

To the Editor;

Why on earth is everything in Craig so expensive? This is the most ridiculously expensive town I’ve ever lived in. I’m pretty conscious about the cost of things, and I’m shocked and frustrated at what I find here. I’ve lived in five different cities in five different states, and Craig is by far the most costly in relation to what it has to offer and it’s proximity to larger cities. Everything costs more here: Rent, fresh produce, meat, baby food, gasoline, real estate … You would think that the people of Craig were extraordinarily wealthy! I think is it so unfair to “screw the little guy” by fixing prices higher just because of the lack of competition in this area. For example, City Market baby food here is 55 cents per jar, and in Grand Junction’s City Market it is 36- 37 cents per jar. Safeway here is 49 cents per jar, and I’m unsure of the cost in Junction. Gasoline in Vernal last week was $1.66 per gallon.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but my wages are not increasing at the same rate that everything around me is. It’s so infuriating and frustrating to feel powerless against the crazy prices in this town. I say boycott the prices in Craig and head for where it’s cheaper. This town is expensive, and in my opinion, is taking advantage of its residents to fatten the corporate purse.

Tina Hawley

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