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“Where the Hell is Maybell?” 30 miles west

Elwood Shelton

Those not scared off by Saturday’s moist morning weather, hit the road for the 15th annual, “Where the Hell’s Maybell” bike ride.

The yearly pilgrimage to the burg of Maybell, 30 miles west of Craig, drew around 120 cyclists this year, which was down from past years.

“The people got scared off by the weather,” Parks and Recreation Administrator Pam Brethauer said. “It’s too bad more people didn’t show up, because the day turned out to be nice.”

The bike ride was started in 1986 by doctors Neil McCandles, Tom Told and Mike Bauman of the Colorado Division of Wildlife. The ride was the trio’s excuse to get outside and experience the Moffat County spring in all of its highplains glory.

The path that the three originally followed varies from the one that riders use today. They attempted to bypass Gun Club Hill by an alternate route down a dirt road. However, that turned out to be as troublesome as the hill they attempted to avoid.

Today, the ride remains on the highway.

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The ride got its inaugural start the year after the trio’s first experimental ride. They decided to make it an annual event, with 70 people showing up to ride along.

The ride has drawn more than 300 people, with last year’s participation around 200.

The calling of spring is the primary draw of the bike ride, but usually, it’s not the highlight.

“It’s the breakfast, that’s what everyone looks forward to,” Brethauer said. “And that’s about the only thing that’s seen change over the years in the ride.”

The ride has remained virtually unchanged since its inauguration, with the only thing modified being the smiling faces who serve breakfast.

For the majority of the ride, it the Maybell Ambulance Service who served breakfast. However, over the years, the reins have been handed over to a restaurant in Maybell, with this year’s responsibility being with the Craig Parks and Recreation Department.

The Parks and Recreation Department, along with Craig’s youth baseball league, volunteered to serve the hungry cyclists after the ride. The food was donated by McDonald’s of Craig.

The ride can be enjoyed by anyone who wishes to participate. The only requirements are a bike, and to be over the age of 14. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

The ride, which takes about an hour to complete, is free, but breakfast costs $4 and is all-you-can-eat.

Though this year’s ride is over, it will return next year to cure all of the spring fever and rickets caused by winter’s lack of sunlight.

“It’s a good way to get outside and enjoy spring,” Brethauer said. “It’s a great event for anyone; families, or those who just want to ride alone.”

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