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Where I come from — That’s important to me

Stephanie Pearce

Stephanie Pearce

This Valentine's Day has brought to mind to me several country music songs.

One that really stands out is Brad Paisley's "Two People Fell in Love." It talks about how the love of two people can have an effect on so many whether it's through their actions or through those they have brought into this world.

This Valentine's Day, I want to pay tribute to those who fell in love, and had the courage to make something out of themselves in this place we call home, the place where I come from.

Both my husband and I come from families of homesteaders in Moffat County. My Grandpa came here in the early 1900's with his brothers.

They did many jobs from ranch hands to camp cooks to stage drivers. My grandpa ran the stage from Craig to Rifle.

In 1909 he was working on the Williams Fork and that's when he saw the place I now call home. He later homesteaded the place, but not without his wife.

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They had ten kids total — nine boys and a girl. Where would I be if those two people hadn't made their life together and worked so hard on the place that I now call home?

Their children went on to build families in Craig and some of us still make our homes in Moffat County.

My husband's great grandfather came from Ireland to Moffat County and with his wife they built a family of very well revered ranchers in Moffat County. This skill handed down to his Grandpa made him successful, but again, not without the love and work of his wife.

My husband's paternal grandfather came to the valley young and made a life for himself, again with his wife. He was employed by Moffat County in Vermilion in Brown's Park and took care of the roads.

This skill was handed down to his son and finally to my husband. Again, where would we be if these people before us hadn't fell in love and worked so hard in our communities?

If you're new to town or if you've lived here a while, but still don't know the history in our community, I encourage you to visit our museums. There is a wealth of information and people who love to share at both of them.

I love going to the museum and finding new information on our families and our community. Even if you don't have roots here, but you may want to make your future here, it should be important to learn the history of where you will be from.

I appreciate all the hard work that went into making what we have today. I'm thankful to those two people who fell in love and made me appreciate where I come from.

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