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Wes McStay

To the editor:

I would like to express my support of Referendum 1B and urge other voters to do the same. I realize no one likes to pay taxes, but I do believe that tax dollars spent now on early and timely involvement by trained professionals working with the handicapped, especially children, will pay dividends down the road. When a handicapped child reaches adulthood without being able to care for themselves, they are the responsibility of society (taxpayers) at a far greater cost.

As the brother of a disabled Horizons client, during the span of 25 years, I hold all of Horizons staff and employees in high regard and with much gratitude. They do a difficult job well and receive very little public acknowledgement. The clients enjoy opportunities and a quality of life not thought possible a generation ago.

Referendum 1B would be money well-spent.


Wes McStay