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Welfare testing updated

High-priced tests expected to earn high-priced results

Ryan Sheridan

Do you think you have what it takes to be a corporate lawyer?

It used to be that a person would be halfway through law school before they realized that life as a lawyer wasn’t for them, but in this era of psychological profiles and ability testing, those questions can be answered in a matter of hours.

The Moffat County Social Services plans to use these modern techniques to help place Colorado Works clients in employment situations where they are most likely to succeed.

“Federal legislation requires that we do a thorough assessment on each client,” said Marie Peer, director of Moffat County Social Services. “The

Governor’s office recently stated that Colorado’s assessment of welfare clients was lacking and that testing and evaluations needed to be expanded.”

In response to this, Social Services will begin using the Harrison Inner View employment profile. This program will allow Social Services to get a large and detailed picture of where and how a person would best be employed, so Social Services can place them in proper employment.

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The faster a Colorado Works client can be placed in successful, sustaining employment, the faster they’re self sufficient and out of welfare, Peer said.

The test examines many factors on how a person does their job, and what jobs would best suit someone. The actual mechanics of how decisions are made, communication skills, power issues, motivation, leadership skills, supportive/directive preferences concerning guidance, and work environment preferences are some of the many components of successful employment covered by this testing system, Peer said.

The purchase of the Harrison Inner View profile will cost $1,950.

Each year, $1,250 will be needed to train staff to interpret and correctly use the information provided by the tests.

Peer feels strongly that this is a wise investment and will pay for itself immediately.

“I’m very confident that the program will help at least two clients and then we are in the black,” he said. “The money saved by moving these people into jobs will more than pay for the cost of the program.”

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