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Volleyball league tourney a bloodthirsty event

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For Kacey Peed, and the entire Gunsmoke Taxidermy team, volleyball is a family affair.
That’s because nearly the whole Gunsmoke team is made of Peed’s relatives and has been for the past few years. But that’s why Peed and her family signed up for the Parks and Recreations simi-competitive volleyball league to do something as a family.
“It was just a way to get some of the family together and have some fun,” Peed said.
The Craig Parks and Recreation Department is holding its simi-competitive and competitive volleyball leagues’ end-of-the-year tournament.
The tournament will decide the overall winner in each league. But, Peed and crew will have to wait until Wednesday before they start on their crusade toward a simi-competitive championship and the T-shirts that go with it.
Monday the competitive league starts its tournament, but it is considerably smaller than the simi-competitive league having four teams compared to simi’s nine. Both tournaments will be held at the Craig Middle School gym, and both are double elimination.
Having played in both the competitive and simi-competitive leagues Peed said she don’t let the names fool you. The simi-competitive teams are actually more blood-thirsty than the competitive teams, she said.
“It’s just the people in the simi-competitive leagues get more emotional about the game,” she said. “So, when they get emotional they get competitive.”
The leagues have been playing twice a week, for six weeks now with a total of 12 games being played in that time. With the tournament they’ll get up to an extra two to six games.
There is no real secret to winning the tournament, Peed said with some authority, since her team won the tournament two years ago.
“The biggest thing is not to fall apart. You don’t want to go out in the tournament and make bad mistakes,” she said.
The biggest thing a simi-competitive team has to watch for is being too good, because there’s consequences that go with having game.
“If your team wins the simi-competitive tournament two years in a row, you get bumped up to the competitive league,” said Parks and Recreation facilitatior Pam Brethaure.

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