Truck slides off Highway 317 |

Truck slides off Highway 317

80 gallons of diesel spill onto frozen creek during accident

Daily Press Staff

A man and his Ford F-250 slid off Colorado Highway 317 on Sunday afternoon outside Hamilton and rolled once down a 50-foot embankment into the Williams Fork.

Trooper Matthew Norman­din, with the Colorado State Patrol, said the man had slight injuries but was not transported to a hospital.

However, an 80-gallon container of diesel fuel in the truck bed was ejected from the vehicle when it rolled down the hill and broke apart on top of the river ice.

Normandin said all 80 gallons of fuel leaked onto the ice, but the Moffat County HAZ-MAT Team and State Patrol HAZ-MAT spent Sunday and Monday cleaning the scene, and it does not appear there will be any lasting damage.

Normandin said the accident appeared to be caused because the truck was traveling too fast for winter road conditions.

There was about three inches of snow on the road at the time, and the driver took a corner too fast, lost control and wrecked, he said.

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Normandin said it is important for everyone to take stock of road conditions and drive safely when roads are hazardous.

"The most important thing is really slowing down on the snow," he said. "Always break before you get to the curve, not while you're in the curve. We'd rather have you get there a little bit late than not get there at all."

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