Trainers, their dogs on display for obedience show |

Trainers, their dogs on display for obedience show

Jeff Swanson

For Courtney Grandbouche, Indy means more than just a race.

Indy is named after the high speeds that racers attain driving at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and its famed race, the Indianapolis 500. But at the Grandbouche household, Indy is more known for her high-strung attitude, rather than her showmanship skills.

But that wasn’t the case Tuesday afternoon.

Indy and Courtney took home three honors Tuesday. Indy was named Champion in obedience, tied for Champion in showmanship, and took home the overall Grand Champion award.

A rare tie occurred in the showmanship portion of the event, because the judge was unable to determine a winner between the Indy-Grandbouche team and Amanda Vaughn and her dog, Kellar.

“The judge just had an impossible time trying to decide what dog was going to take home first place,” show coordinator Amy Andrews said. “She had to put all three dogs back into the ring, and was able to narrow it down to two, but from there she was unable to determine a winner.”

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Emily Hepworth was the third participant in the ring and she took home the Reserve Champion award.

Grandbouche, who has been training Indy for three years, knew she was handling a good dog; however, she wasn’t sure that would be enough to bring home championship honors.

“I thought that I might win it after I realized how many points I had, but I still wasn’t sure,” she said. “Normally, Indy is more of an agility dog than he is a show dog he’s better at that. He did really good today, and I am really happy.”

Indy competed in agility last year in the Animal Planet USDA Grand Prix Dog Agility competition in San Diego, finishing with a gold medal and only a few faults. Grandbouche credits 4-H classes and reading books on dog training for Indy’s success, and usually spends close to 30 minutes a day training Indy.

“She likes agility more than regular showmanship, and can be pretty hyper,” she said. “I am just happy to do as well as we did.”

Show participants who didn’t take home awards were just happy to compete in and work with their dogs. Florence Martin, who also shows horses, likes how much easier it is to show dogs than it is to show horses.

“I like them both, but working with dogs is just so much easier than it is to work with horses,” she said. “I have had both young and old dogs, which can both be fun to work with, but the older dogs usually work better.”

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