Toni Marshall: No police records in print |

Toni Marshall: No police records in print

To the editor:

I am writing this because I feel it is so wrong that we have a "records" section in our newspaper, unlike bigger city papers.

I realize that if a person is arrested it is public knowledge, so let any interested person go to the courthouse and look it up!

When it is in the paper, it practically becomes gospel in the reader's eyes. It becomes "guilty until proven innocent" instead of what it is supposed to be, "innocent until proven guilty."

The person that is arrested knows they have been arrested. Stop and think what it does to the families of the arrested person. Everyone gets to know that a "bad choice" has been made, it is none of their business. The arrested person is still loved and a part of a family. What good is it to give paper readers something to gossip about?

It is very hurtful and so unnecessary.

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Toni Marshall


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