TMH names new chief nursing officer |

TMH names new chief nursing officer

Ben McCanna

Lorraine Reinhardt is the new chief nursing officer at The Memorial Hospital. Reinhardt arrived in Craig on Saturday from Jerome, Idaho. She has nearly 40 years experience in nursing and nurse management.

Lorraine Reinhardt said The Memorial Hospital is a well-run organization.

"The care that's being given is good," she said. "I'm just here to add some more to that."

On Monday, Reinhardt assumed her new position as chief nursing officer at TMH.

Reinhardt arrived Saturday from Jerome, Idaho, where she served in the same position for six years at North Canyon Medical Center in nearby Gooding.

Prior to that, Reinhardt worked for two years at Livingston Memorial Hospital in Livingston, Mont., 15 years at North Country Hospital in Newport, Vt., and 15 years at St. Vincent Hospital in Billings, Mont.

As chief nursing officer at TMH, Reinhardt will oversee the work of the hospital's 34 nurses in the operating room, obstetrics department, emergency department and more.

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Reinhardt said the position has been vacant for two years. During that time, Chief Quality Officer Beka Warren has been fulfilling its duties, in addition to her own.

Warren said Reihardt's arrival is a positive step for the organization.

"Nursing needs their own exec(utive)," Warren said. "It will be good for them."

Reinhardt, a registered nurse, said her interest in administrative work took root early in her career.

"I started as a staff nurse in St. Vincent's, and then I went into nursing education," she said. "Then, I decided I liked to be involved with change.

"In education, you'd see opportunities for change, but you really didn't have the opportunity to make the change. So, I started into management, and ultimately into administration."

Reinhardt said her management style involves getting out of her office and making the rounds.

"One of the things I do is spend time on the units with staff — listening, observing and asking for a lot of input from the staff," she said. "They're the ones on the front lines, so they're the ones who usually have wonderful ideas and suggestions."

From that approach, Reinhardt can provide nurses with the best tools for the job, whether that's education, equipment or other things.

"Whatever it is," she said. "As their boss, I am here to support nursing, and I am here to make sure they have what they need."

One of the first tasks Reinhardt will undertake is to help roll out the hospitalist program, which begins Monday.

"I think it's been very well planned, and very well laid out," she said of the program. "It will affect nursing, and I want to make sure we all are working as an excellent team for patients."

Reinhardt said there are several reasons that the job was appealing to her.

"Having a new hospital makes it very attractive," she said. "The staff here is exceptional. They come across as very caring, very warm, very personable, and concerned about the patient and concerned about the long-term viability of this organization.

"Those are all key factors in looking at a position."

She also said Moffat County played a role.

"We're very outdoorsy," she said of herself and husband. "We love being outdoors. We love snow, we love fishing. The environment is very important to us."

Chief of Organizational Excellence Jennifer Riley said there were five candidates for the position, and Reinhardt was the right fit.

"I think Lorraine has a wide variety of experience that she will be able to apply here at TMH," Riley said. "She has worked in rural hospitals for the bulk of her career.

"Part of finding the right person for your hospital is making sure they're going to be the right fit in the hospital and the community."

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