TMH employee survey reveals improved results |

TMH employee survey reveals improved results

Ben McCanna

Jennifer Riley, chief of organizational excellence at The Memorial Hospital in Craig, said the results of a 2010 Press Ganey employee satisfaction survey are in.

The findings were presented to hospital managers at the end of last month.

Riley said the surveys are important.

"We do believe that an engaged and happy workforce leads to better customer service and higher patient satisfaction," she said.

According to the survey results, TMH earned an overall Partnership Score of 73.7 out of 100. The score improved by 5.4 over the 2009 results.

A Partnership Score is the combined result of employees' stated perceptions on the hospital's leadership, resources, teamwork and more.

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The score puts TMH in the 66th percentile of 417 other facilities surveyed.

The surveys were collected in November 2010. Seventy-seven percent of TMH employees participated in the optional survey.

The 2010 Partnership Score is higher than that of 2009, but roughly the same as results gathered in 2008. The scores across the past three surveys are 73.9, 68.3 and 73.7, beginning in 2008.

Riley attributes the dip in 2009 scores to the hospital's transition from its old location at 785 Russell St., to its new location at 750 Hospital Loop.

"It was stressful preparing to move up here. People were tired of the whole thing," Riley said. "I think that probably had something to do with it."

The higher score for 2010 might have to do with employees' level of comfort at the new facility, Riley said. The survey was distributed a full year after the move.

"We've got this brand new, beautiful facility," she said. "People are pretty well ingrained in their new routines, their new jobs, so I think people were satisfied and enjoying it.

"Who wouldn't like to work in a brand new building?"

The survey also illuminated stark contrasts in perception.

Employees were asked if they thought the quality of care at TMH is excellent, and a significant majority indicated yes. The mean score for the question was 81.

However, employees were asked if they thought TMH is highly regarded in the community. That score was 61.9.

Riley said the hospital is working to correct that imbalance.

The first step, she said, is to let the hospital's work speak for itself. The second step is public outreach.

"We're trying to educate the people on why we're a great hospital," she said. "Some people don't realize all the services we have available. We have an MRI, we have a CT scan, we've got people on 24 hours a day in our radiology department, in our lab department and our ER."

Riley said 24-hour service is different than how TMH used to operate, but the public perception that TMH is a part-time operation still lingers.

"Hopefully the message is getting out to people that it's not The Memorial Hospital of 1949, or even 1979," she said. "And, that's all you can do. You reinforce the message, and you serve as a model of quality."

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