TMH board chairman resigns |

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TMH board chairman resigns

Ron Danner

In other action, The Memorial Hospital board:

• Approved, 6-0, the advancement of doctors Ben Beasley and Mariel Marlene Maseberg to associate staff, and Dr. Troy Phillips to active staff.

• Approved, 6-0, the appointment of Dr. Malaika Thompson to provisional staff.

• Approved, 6-0, amendments to the 2010 budget to reflect new information about interest payments and depreciation on the new hospital building.

• Approved, 6-0, the adoption of a resolution to close on the loan from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to pay for TMH’s new facility.

• Approved, 6-0, changes to internal medicine clinical privileges.

Six months before his second term was to end, The Memorial Hospital board chairman has resigned from his position.

Ron Danner announced his resignation during the hospital board's Wednesday meeting. He said he will turn in his letter of resignation to the Moffat County Commission today, effective immediately.

"The reason I’m resigning is political," Ron said during the board meeting. "Audrey, my wife, is pursuing a Moffat County Commission District 2 seat. There has been discussion in the community about a conflict of interest. In order to give Audrey the fairest possible advancement in her quest of that position, I want to remove my potential perceived conflict."

Audrey Danner was appointed to the commission in December 2008 after the death of commissioner Saed Tayyara. She is running for the District 2 seat against Tony St. John and Tami Barnes.

In his letter of resignation, Ron said he and his wife obtained a legal opinion when Audrey was first appointed to the commission.

The opinion stated Audrey’s position as commissioner was not a conflict of interest with Ron’s position on the board of the county-owned hospital, he said.

"However, perception is reality," Ron wrote in the letter. "I firmly believe the only way to position the hospital and Audrey for success in the future is to eliminate the perception."

He said he never intended to apply for reappointment when his term was up in January 2011.

He also has no plans to reapply for a board seat in the future.

In his nine years on the board, he said he has achieved personal growth and fulfillment.

"This has been a very rewarding and fulfilling position that I’ve occupied on the board," he said during the meeting. "I’ve learned a great deal and I appreciate the friendships I’ve built with the board and the administration. I’ve grown enormously in this role, and I appreciate that also. Thank you for all your faith and trusting me to occupy the position."

Ron was appointed chairman in February 2009.

TMH Chief Executive Officer George Rohrich said Ron’s leadership abilities and expertise will be missed.

"He did a great job and led the board exceptionally well," Rohrich said. "I’m disappointed this had to happen and I guess I understand the explanation."

He said he hopes Ron returns for the June meeting so the board and administration can properly thank and honor him for his service.

Ron leaves the board with two new members appointed this year.

John Kinkaid replaced Corrie Ponikvar, who did not reapply for another term in January.

Forrest Luke was appointed to replace Melton Sullivan, who resigned in April. Luke participated in his first board meeting Wednesday.