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Tim Jantz: You can’t make a change unless you vote

I have been involved with the Republican Party since I became old enough to vote.

It was stressed while I was growing up that you couldn’t make a change unless you got involved.

I found that the Republican Party fit my values closer than any other party and I voted for the first time in the 1980 elections.

It bothers me when I hear the comment from people that their vote really doesn’t matter. My response to them is if their vote doesn’t matter, why do those who are running for office spend so much of their time, effort and money to get people to vote? Those candidates running for office know the power of every vote they receive.

The candidates also know that apathy in party politics can make or break a campaign.

A perfect example is in the 1998 Colorado gubernatorial election.

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The Republican votes, especially from the Western Slope, sent a strong message in Colorado when Gov. Bill Owens was elected. Registered Republicans did not take the race for granted and made the effort to get to the polls and cast their very important vote.

I am very thankful that I live in Moffat County and am part of the Republican Party here.

We have a very strong, active and committed group of citizens here that are very active in Republican politics. We also have a pretty good track record of citizens that get out and vote.

Would I like a better turnout? You bet. I would love to see every registered voter in Moffat County get out and vote. It would be fantastic to see a 100 percent turnout.

Realistic? Probably not. But it would be great to see it happen.

The possibility does exist — with absentee voting, early voting and now a centralized polling place — that every registered voter could cast a ballot.

If you don’t believe your vote is important, please ask any one of the commissioner candidates who are running for office how important your vote is. Ask Bob Schaffer or Pete Coors. They will let you know that your vote could be the one that changes the party standards within the county, the state or the country we live. Please cast your vote this year.

Tim Jantz is chairman of the Moffat County Republican Party.

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