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Tim E. Ciesco: Relocate, not exterminate

To the editor:

After attending the mock trial staged by the Craig City Council with an accompanying lynch crowd, I was appalled by what transpired.

I am both pro-hunting and a dog lover, and strongly object to a unilateral decision to eradicate 241-plus deer solely on the basis of three "attacks" on dogs.

I surely sympathize with the dog owners, but I don't believe this justifies a wide-scale carnage of this sort. This should be resolved on a case-by-case procedure of relocating problem animals.

To ruthlessly kill these deer is totally heartless and borders on the realm of total depravation.

Several questions are raised.

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What is the protocol here? Legally, these animals are the property of the people of the state of Colorado, not the Craig City Council.

Were the dogs that were "victimized" on leashes or in fenced yards? Otherwise, there are strict laws in every big-game hunting brochure about dogs harassing wildlife. Deer are lower in the pecking order.

Were any real experts consulted? Wildlife biologists or animal rights groups? Probably not.

What is the number of deer that are legally allowed in an area the size of Craig? Were any deer tagged or surveilled?

I strongly urge the silent majority of the concerned citizens of Craig to take a stand for the defense of these beautiful animals.

Contact every animal ethics group possible. Help exploit this and create widespread interest and scrutiny. It's about time.

And lastly, I ask the politicians involved to make a more humane evaluation of your consciences.

Do you really want to sign your name to the document that condemns 241-plus of God's beautiful creatures and may label our town as the "deer killing capital of the world?"

Tim E. Ciesco

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