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Tileston: Dealing with the deer

To the editor:

What do we have to do to get rid of these confounded deer?

On Tuesday night, after feasting on our purple Petunias (only the purple ones), a four-point buck tried to attack our friend, who tried to chase it away.

What has to happen before something is done?

Last summer, my neighbor across the street, who is 90, couldn't go into her backyard because a buck threatened her when she did.

Do we need a  "make my deer law?"

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Don't anyone be talking to me about the poor little animals. They have thousands of acres to live in; I have only one little house and yard.

Our state legislators need to help us change the laws that say deer are more important than people.

That will be an uphill battle because the hunting lobby is so strong and so well funded. So, fine.

Let's have lawn hunting season. Let's do something.

Evelyn Tileston

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