Three locals have recorded holes-in-one this summer at Yampa Valley Golf Course |

Three locals have recorded holes-in-one this summer at Yampa Valley Golf Course

Joshua Gordon

As Jerry Hoberg approached the 16th tee box June 23 at the Yampa Valley Golf Course, he was looking for some advice from his playing partner, Willy Barclay.

"I walked up to Willy and asked him who taught him how to hit as slow as he did," Hoberg, a Craig resident, said. "He told me Dave (Desarmeaux), the assistant pro, played that way and showed him. So, going up to tee off, I decided to take a nice and easy swing and not kill the ball."

The result was Hoberg's first hole-in-one and the 150th at the Yampa Valley Golf Course.

"I've never even hit an eagle before, so I was kind of stunned," Hoberg, 57, said of the ace. "I am more excited about it now than when it first happened, but it was a pretty cool experience."

Playing after work as he does about two or three times a week, Hoberg said he started the round of nine with his friend, Mason Siedschlaw, and eventually joined up with Barclay and Sean Smith.

The 16th hole was playing about 164 yards June 23 and was the last par-3 on the course.

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Hoberg said when he hit the ball, it went straight and bounced about three-fourths of the way down the fairway before rolling onto the green and making its way toward the hole.

"All of a sudden Willy and Sean yelled, 'It's in,'" he said. "I wasn't sure if I wanted to believe them, so I looked at Mason."

Siedschlaw confirmed he saw it go in and all four men headed toward the hole.

"Willy and Sean got there first and looked in the hole and then past like the ball didn't go in," Hoberg said. "But, I got up there and looked in the hole and there it was."

Hoberg's ace was the third of the season at Yampa Valley Golf Course. Mike Milne sank a hole-in-one in May on the fourth hole and Anthony Noble followed suit a few weeks later with an ace on the seventh hole.

Hoberg said he used to play golf 20 years ago, but took about 10 years off.

When his wife, Sharon, needed a physical education college credit, the two decided to start up again and eventually became members at the Yampa valley Golf Course.

Hoberg said the closest he had came to a hole-in-one before June 23 was about 6 years ago.

"I was on the same 16th hole shooting from the white box," he said. "It was about 120 yards that day and I shot it straight and it kept rolling to the green but came up about one revolution short of the hole.

"All golfers are hoping to get the ball to go a little further, but what are the odds of a hole-in-one? Non-golfers compare it to hitting $50 on a slot machine, but it is a lot harder than that."

Hoberg said he used his Cleveland Halo 2i fairway wood to score his hole-in-one, a decision he made about a year prior.

"I went back and forth for awhile between my fairway wood and my 5-iron," he said. "In the middle of 2010, I wasn't hitting my irons that well and knew I could replace my 3-, 4- and 5-irons with the fairway wood. I tried it out and I hit consistent with it between 155 and 180 yards."

A month after, Hoberg admitted his hole-in-one was probably about 90 percent luck, but he received congratulatory greetings from everyone he told, including former golf course professional Brett Etzler.

"We went out to dinner at Carelli's and I told Brett and he had never hit one before," Hoberg said. "There are a lot of really good golfers who play all the time who have never had a hole-in-one. It is a rare thing to accomplish."

Hoberg went on to sink his first two drives on the 17th hole in the river before paring the 18th hole. At the end of the round, his wife joined him and his three playing partners for a round of drinks.

"If I would have paid into the men's club, I would have won about $1,000, but I was fine just buying drinks for my wife and the guys," he said. "I wrote the date, the yardage and the name of the guys I played with on the ball and now have it showcased in my office."

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Below are the past 10 golfers who notched a hole-in-one at Yampa Valley Golf Course. There have been 150 holes-in-one at the golf course:

(Name — date — hole)

Jerry Hoberg — June 23, 2011 — 16

Anthony Noble — May 2011 — 7

Mike Milne — May 2011 — 4

Kurt Utzinger — Sept. 5, 2010 — 4

Tim Boyle — July 1, 2010 — 4

Christy Rolando — July 25, 2009 — 11

Austin Zimmerman — July 2, 2009 — 16

Kirk McKey — May 7, 2009 — 11

Steve Hafey — Aug. 25, 2008 — 11

Christy Rolando — Aug. 7, 2008 — 11

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