The Pit Loves Rock N’ Roll |

The Pit Loves Rock N’ Roll

Bolton and the pit orchestra are adjusting to the Rock N' Roll genre for Footloose

Sarah Dippel, Blue Print

Band director John Bolton’s eye for more professional band players is what makes the pit orchestra. The pit is made of band players that Bolton thinks have potential. The music they play is professional music – pieces big time musicians play. “It’s definitely more advanced,” said Nicole Ferree, a guitar player in the orchestra.

This year, the genre is Rock n’ Roll for the musical, Footloose. The music is more upbeat and difficult compared to last year’s musical, Sound of Music. There are only seven players for the orchestra this year.

“The pit and the Footloose cast are one,” said Bolton. The two different casts don’t work separately, they work together like one big cast. “I think I say this every year, but this year is one of the hardest years,” said Bolton. The music is harder to learn this year because the orchestra hasn’t played Rock n’ Roll before. Everyone is adjusting nicely according to Bolton. “This is my second year in the orchestra,” said Ferree. The new genre for the musical is what Ferree is looking forward to since she’s never played Rock N’ Roll. The orchestra is a challenge most of the players enjoy. With a harder musical and dedicated musicians, Bolton’s hope of more pro band is taking shape.

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