The Memorial Hospital board confirms officers |

The Memorial Hospital board confirms officers

Nicole Inglis

— Ron Danner will continue as the chair of The Memorial Hospital board through 2010.

At its monthly meeting Wednesday, the TMH board approved, 7-0, a recommendation to reappoint Danner to the chair position, promote Missy Bonaker to chair-elect and appoint Don Myers to the position of secretary-treasurer.

Bonaker replaces former board member Corrie Ponikvar, who ended her five-year term in January. Myers took over the position of secretary-treasurer that Bonaker held for about four years.

Danner, an optometrist in Craig, has served on the board since 2001 and acted as board chair since February 2009.

"It's certainly a privilege to do this," he said. "Working with a group is always a learning experience. I think I became a better person with the experience of the last year."

He said he is looking forward to another year of learning alongside the rest of the board.

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"I'm looking forward to developing the hospital into everything that it can be," he said. "It means running the board, participating in the board and setting the vision of the hospital."

This summer, Danner and the board will revisit a 3-year strategic plan that affirms and sets goals for the mission and vision of the organization.

The structure of officers is considered once per year, and responsibilities are spread around to give everyone a chance to serve as an officer.

Myers, who was appointed to the board in 1992, said he has served in all three positions already in his 18 years on the board.

"We taken turns to give everyone a chance to gain that experience," Myers said. "I think it gives us a better understanding of what's going on. It's a lot of responsibility, and we liked to spread it around."

His personal interest is in finances, and he currently serves as the chair of the finance committee. He said the upcoming year will present unique challenges as TMH transitions into a new building and loan payments on the facility during difficult economic times.

"The big challenge is going to be the transition into the new hospital," he said. "Everything is going to change: our books, our income, our expenses. It will be a definite challenge."

TMH chief executive officer George Rohrich said strong leadership on the board is critical to the hospital's operations.

"The past board leadership has been exceptional," Rohrich said. "They've all been though some difficult, trying times, and they've been there and guided the board and the hospital through."

In other action

The Memorial Hospital board:

■ Approved, 7-0, a recommendation to reappoint Dennis Kinder to active staff in internal medicine.

■ Approved, 4-3, a recommendation to grant Anna Lundeen obstetric privileges.

■ Approved, 7-0, the QHR Information Extraction Project

■ Approved, 7-0, 2010 board member committee appointments.

■ Approved, 7-0, a recommendation to approve The Memorial Hospital Foundation members and officers

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