The Boardroom to close its doors after New Year’s Eve |

The Boardroom to close its doors after New Year’s Eve

Mathers Bar to expand into space currently used for restaurant

Nicole Inglis

— Before the clock strikes midnight Friday, ticking away the last seconds of 2009, The Boardroom will have served its final meal.

When 2010 dawns, the restaurant won't reopen.

After three years as part of Mathers Lounge & Café, The Boardroom will close Thursday.

Restaurant owner Tom Mathers said the closure will be difficult in many ways but that it also will present some new opportunities.

Mathers said the restaurant's end was inevitable.

"I'm tired of losing money on it," Mathers said. "The cost of doing business, the cost of food, was nailing us hard."

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He said the restaurant prided itself on ordering high quality meats and that he didn't want to change his businesses plan and order cheaper food.

"Then we wouldn't be special," he said.

The room the restaurant currently occupies won't stay empty for long.

Mathers said he plans to move the bar's dance floor to the empty space and possibly use the old dance floor space for pool tables and other bar games.

"There will be a lot of remodeling along with it," he said. "I'm looking forward to it."

However, the decision has been met with resistance from the community.

Many people were disappointed, Mathers said, and he even received some offers of investments and other bailouts.

"People are upset, and they've been lobbying pretty hard against it," Mathers said. "I said, 'Thanks for helping try to bail me out.' But, they would just inherit my losses. I really love having it. It was nice to talk to people my own age. But you've got to look at the positive side of it. It's sad not to have a restaurant, but I'm excited about having a big, new bar."

The restaurant employees two full-time cooks, a bartender and six waitresses.

Most of those workers will be let go, which Mathers said was tough for him.

"We're going to lose a lot of staff when we shut down," he said. "Some of our waitresses have other jobs, but it's tough. But it's just economics, and I'm sure we won't be the only restaurant to close down this winter.

"In January, February and March, I just don't see too much happening, besides utility bills being too high."

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