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Terri A. Jourgensen, RN, BSN: Dental volunteers

To the editor:

The Moffat County School District School Health Services Team — Katrina Willey, Moffat County High School; Janice Ciesco, Craig Middle School; Theresa Moyer, East Elementary School; Laurie Jorgensen, Sunset Elementary School; Karra Juergens, Ridgeview Elementary School; Leigh Papierski, Sandrock Elementary School; and Jenn Darveau, Early Childhood Center — would like to take this opportunity to thank the Northwest Colorado Dental Coalition for their continued support, dedication and mission of providing the needed dental assistance to our small community.

We partner and collaborate together to provide volunteer dental screenings for students from preschool through middle school, follow up on students who have significant dental needs and support parents with available programs and assistance.

For the past eight years, the dental hygienists from the coalition have volunteered their time to do our school screenings in the fall. This year we would like to give a special thanks to D.J. and Lindi for the many hours they have spent screening hundreds of students of all ages, phone calls, follow up and paper work to address our students needs.

We all should feel very lucky to have such a wonderful organization with dedicated and professional staff members who provide excellent care to the children and adults in our community.

Terri A. Jourgensen, RN, BSN

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