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Tebo Center in Craig inching towards completion

Construction crews recently installed the Hibbett Sports marquee at the Tebo Center, located in the Walmart subdivision. The new development, which will house Birmingham, Ala.-based Hibbett Sports, Maurices women’s clothing store, and a third tenant to be named later, is scheduled to open next month.

The Hibbett Sports marquee is in place and construction crews are working to have the Tebo Center in the Walmart subdivision open for business next month.

But, there's plenty of work to be done between now and the development's targeted opening date, the first week of August.

Craig Building Inspector Dave Costa said despite the building's exterior appearance, construction on the parking lot has not begun, site lighting needs to be installed, interior electric work must be completed and crews are just now prepping the building for painting.

"I don't know what their opening date is, but they're a ways out on that still," Costa said.

When Stephen Tebo, of Boulder-based Tebo Development, announced the project in December 2011, he estimated the three-store, 10,477-square foot building at 1830 W. Victory Way would be ready in May.

Weather and engineering misinterpretations with the City of Craig have delayed the opening until at least the first week of August, Tebo said.

"You can never anticipate these things," he said. "You think you're doing everything right, but it's just those minor things you run in to when you're building in a town you're not familiar with."

Andrea Medina, manager of Maurices women's clothing store, said construction delays have been a blessing in disguise.

The extra time has provided Medina the opportunity to perfect a grand opening weekend celebration, tentatively scheduled for mid-August.

"We're excited and we're getting a lot of good things accomplished," Medina said. "We're looking forward to moving into our new space."

Maurices has committed to leasing 5,000 square feet of space at Tebo Center.

Medina did not release dates for the grand opening because of concerns of another construction delay. She said her customers would receive notice of the opening by mail.

In addition to Maurices, which has been a staple business in Craig for years, the Tebo Center project has attracted a new business to town.

Birmingham, Ala.-based Hibbett Sports will be housed in a second retail space, which encompasses 4,000 square feet.

A third tenant for the remaining 1,477-square-foot space has not yet been identified, Tebo said, but his company has been in talks with "three or four" individuals interested in opening everything from a coffee or sandwich shop to a hair salon.

"We just haven't fine tuned it yet," Tebo said. "We think all of those would work very well because we left the most exposed corner of the building available. It's going to be great visibility and access for anybody who moves in there."

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