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Taylor: A conversation with God

Linda Taylor, Pastor, Maybell Interdenominational Church

God asks:

What is it that I have done wrong? You seem so angry with me, please tell me why you dislike me so much.

The person responds:

OK, God, I will tell you, being that you asked me. You never answer my prayers.

You take way too long. And it really wasn't the answer I wanted. I know what I need better than you do. Last but not least, you're never on time.

God speaks:

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I not only heard your prayers, I have answered each and every one of them.

You just don't like the way I've answered them. At times, you didn't recognize the answer because you were looking in the wrong direction.

And, this matter of not being on time — who is it that created time? Me. I'm God, and you're not. Quit trying to do my job. I don't interfere with what you say and do, I have given you freedom of choice on all things.

God continues:

And now I have some questions for you.

Did you offer your child up for a sacrifice? No.

Would you if I asked you to? I did. (John 3:16: For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.)

Would you bleed and be beaten so badly that your own mother and friends did not recognize you?

My only Son did.

Would you spend time praying for lost souls?

My only Son did.

Can you promise eternal life?

My only Son did.

Have you given your all so that I might be glorified?

My only Son did.

Oh, by the way, his name is Jesus. You knew that, so tell me again what it is that I have done wrong?

God bless you all today.

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