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Swinging bridge anchors to get soil test

Brian Smith

— The Moffat County Com­mission is moving forward with preliminary plans to rebuild the Browns Park swinging bridge on Moffat County Road 83.

On Tuesday, the commission approved a $2,200 contract with Soilogic Inc. to perform soil and rock tests near the bridge's anchors.

The Hayden-based company will observe the excavation of three test pits in the area of the existing anchor blocks to test for moisture content, plasticity and fine content. Bedrock core samples will be tested for compressive strength.

"What we're looking at is how sound that granite is so that we can determine how big and how deep we can go with the concrete anchors in order to create stabilizers for the bridge," Soilogic Project Manager Chris Valdez said.

The plasticity tests measure how much clay is in the granite rock.

Soilogic then will make recommendations to the commission concerning the anchors' design, installation and placement depth.

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The county commission also will meet Feb. 10 with Dan Giroux, principal/land division manager for Diversified Consulting Solutions, to review final requirements and design specifications for the swinging bridge rehab project.

Giroux will present the length specifications for suspension cables that need to be ordered. Turnaround time on the custom cables is 13 weeks, during which commissioner Tom Gray hopes to start construction of the anchor blocks and tower saddle cable supports.

"There is no reason we can't be working on other projects while the cables are on order," Gray said.

The commission also will decide if the county's road and bridge crew can handle the project. If so, the commission may seek to waive the public construction bid process, Gray said.

The county could "save quite a bit of money" from the previously proposed $215, 894.64 cost estimation because "about half of that money is labor costs," he said.

Other action

At its Tuesday meeting, the Moffat County Commission also:

■ Approved, 3-0, a contract renewal with Craig Mental Health to provide the Moffat County Jail with mental health services in 2010 for $8,500.

■ Approved, 3-0, a warrant resolution to pay various debts to services such as road and bridge, retirement, and social services totaling $400, 986.42.

■ Approved, 3-0, conditions for donation of space and services to the U.S. Census Bureau from the Social Services Department at 595 Breeze St.

■ Approved, 3-0, a Division of Wildlife impact assistance grant application of $2,029.81 to the Moffat County School District.

■ Heard from Allan Reishus, who requested a letter of support from the county commission to include with his application for an open seat on the Colorado Wildlife Commission.

The commission agreed to interview Reishus about his qualifications at a later date and also to consider any other Moffat County applicants seeking letters of support.

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