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Swine, steer abound at Ride ‘N Tie

Elwood Shelton

The swine of Moffat County should beware, because if Katy Oberwitte is on the job there is no escape.

Wearing a shirt with the words “trained professional” on the back, Oberwitte captured two pigs, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, in the Ride ‘N Tie Rodeo’s Mother’s Greased Pig contest.

Chasing, wrestling and throwing a 125-pound pig is more than just a chance to bring home the bacon, for Oberwitte it has actually “been a dream of mine since I was a little kid,” she said.

Since childhood, Oberwitte has wanted to chase greasy pigs around an arena, but was prevented doing so by her father.

“We lived in the city when I was a kid, so my father definitly didn’t want me bring home a pig,” she said. “My husband and I now raise a few pigs, so now I can catch and bring them home.”

Oberwitte competed on two teams during the greased pig contest.

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Friday night’s team included Oberwitte, Diana Calim and Francine Davis, while Saturday’s team was made up of Oberwitte, Davis and Caroline Riley.

Both teams were newcomers to hog wrestling, except for Oberwitte, who participated last year.

“When we caught the pigs Friday and Saturday that made my record three-for-three, counting last year’s pig I caught,” she said.

There are strategies to capturing a greased pig, and although Oberwitte won’t give away her trade secret, she is willing to give some advice.

“When you go for the pig, you can’t just touch him you have to tackle him,” she said. “If you just touch the pig it’s like you’re goosing him, and he’ll just move faster. The secret is you just have to sell-out and tackle him.”

All of the pigs are kept by those who caught them.

Pigs were not the only attraction at the Ride N’ Tie Rodeo, a Colorado Professional Rodeo Association-sanctioned event, local children also rode in the junior and senior divisions of the steer riding contest.

The event pitted youths from the Yampa Valley against what rodeo Organizer Mike Long called, “quality stock.”

During Friday night’s junior section, Jaguar Terrill was the only rider to make two, consecutive eight-second rides.

Terrill’s consistency paid off, netting him first place and a belt buckle.

Second place belonged to Craig’s Eric Flemming, and placing third was Levi Weber of Craig.

Saturday’s senior section saw Tyler Long, the son of the Ride ‘N Tie organizer, Mike Long, buck his way into the winner’s circle.

“It was pretty neat, because my parents sponsored the senior section,” Mike Long said. “So grandma got to sponsor the event that her grandson won.”

Shem Zimmerman from Craig took second place, with third going to Jessie Hays of Hayden.

Hays was the only girl to place in either section.

The senior section was sponsored by Long and Long Custom Farms of Canyon City.

“I really think that everyone who showed up, both competitors and spectators, had a good time,” event organizer Penny McCoy said. “Everything went smoothly, and there were some memorable moments.”

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